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Three major telecom operators released annual reports, and the total number of IDC racks reached 1.343 million


Recently, the annual reports of major enterprises have been released successively. IDC circle found that after one year's development, the scale of computing power of the three major basic telecom operators has increased significantly, the layout has become increasingly perfect, and the total number of data center racks has reached 1.343 million.

China Mobile: The scale of computing power reaches 80EFLOPS, 467000 external usable racks

In 2022, China Mobile's annual operating revenue will reach 937.3 billion yuan, up 10.5% year on year, of which the main business revenue will reach 812.1 billion yuan, up 8.1% year on year. Thanks to the rapid expansion of 5G applications, mobile cloud, digital content, smart home and other businesses, including new businesses in the personal market, smart home value-added services, government enterprise market industry cloud, IDC and other digital transformation revenue reached 207.6 billion yuan, up 30.3% year on year.

The financial report shows that China Mobile will continue to optimize the layout of its computing network in 2022. In terms of computing network infrastructure, "4+N+31+X" (4: Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, Chengdu Chongqing and other four hot business areas, N: super large data centers planned in 10 data center clusters at national hub nodes, 31: super large data centers planned in various provinces, X: municipal data centers and convergence machine rooms in various regions) intensified echelon layout optimization, The number of IDC racks available externally reached 467000, with a net increase of 60000; In terms of cloud network collaboration, the number of direct connection bureaus of the backbone network of China Mobile's cloud private network has reached 508, with more than 710000 cloud servers put into production, and a net increase of more than 230000. According to China Mobile's 2022 Sustainable Development Report, its computing power scale will reach 8.0 EFLOPS, with a net increase of 2.8 EFLOPS in 2022.

It is reported that China Mobile, on the one hand, is adding nodes and making up the scale in the data center cluster of "East Data and West Computing" nodes, and on the other hand, is accelerating the transformation of supporting resources for old computer rooms in the city level data centers.

In terms of green and low-carbon, China Mobile has achieved centralized monitoring and analysis of energy consumption of more than 9800 bureaus and stations across the network, including various data centers, core buildings, important convergence rooms and high energy consumption base stations. The PUE of new large and super large data centers in 2022 will not exceed 1.3; The average decrease of PUE in actual operation of 44 super large data centers across the network is more than 4%.

China Unicom: annual investment of 12.4 billion yuan IDC rack scale of 363000 yuan

In 2022, China Unicom's operating revenue will reach 354.94 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.3%, of which the main business revenue will reach 319.35 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.8%. The net profit was 16.65 billion yuan, and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 7.3 billion yuan, up 15.8% year on year.

In 2022, China Unicom will improve the "5+4 (core)+31 (provincial)+X (local/edge)" multi-level architecture, strengthen the backbone network delay leadership and multi cloud connectivity advantages, and the annual computing investment will reach 12.4 billion yuan. "One city and one pool" has been realized in 170 cities, and there are more than 400 MEC nodes; The scale of IDC racks has reached 363000, and the data center with a scale of more than 1000 racks covers 23 provinces; Multi cloud collaboration takes the lead in the industry, backbone transmission delay is the lowest in the industry, and internal and external cloud pool connections reach 336.

China Unicom listed the DC7 supporting project in the second phase of Zhongyuan Data Base of China Unicom in 2021, the third phase of the water and soil IDC new project of China Unicom Chongqing Branch in 2019, the electromechanical and supporting project of the third building of China Unicom Shaanxi Xi'an Data Center in the second phase in 2021, and the new DC14, DC15 DC16 machine room building project, ten data center projects including China Unicom Henan Zhengzhou Data Center (Zhongyuan Base) Phase III civil engineering project in 2021.

In terms of green energy conservation, China Unicom did not introduce the data related to the data center in its annual report and sustainable development report, but only disclosed that in 2022, it will reduce its carbon dioxide equivalent by 120000 through measures including the use of carbon reduction technology in the data center and the development of new carbon reduction products.

China Telecom: has more than 700 data centers, 513000 IDC racks

In 2022, the operating revenue of China Telecom will reach 475 billion yuan, up 9.4% year on year, the revenue of Tianyi Cloud will reach 57.9 billion yuan, up 107.5% year on year, the revenue of network security services will reach 4.7 billion yuan, up 23.5% year on year, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be 27.6 billion yuan, up 6.3% year on year,

In 2022, China Telecom will also focus on the expansion of the layout of the hub nodes of "data from the east to the west". At present, it has more than 700 data centers and more than 3000 edge DCs. The number of IDC racks will reach 513000, and the rack utilization rate will exceed 70%. China Telecom will continue to maintain "the largest number and widest distribution of IDC resources in China". At the same time, it will build a data center interconnection network, and the delay between AZs will be less than 1 ms.

In terms of cloud resources, Tianyi Cloud 4.0 has built its own multi AZ capability in regional central nodes such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area and Chengdu Chongqing. "One city, one pool" covers more than 240 cities, and more than 800 edge computing nodes provide users with efficient, intensive and ultra-low latency distributed cloud services. In 2022, Tianyi Cloud 4.0 will add 1.7EFLOPS, The total scale of computing power reached 3.8 EFLOPS, up 81% year on year;

In terms of green and low-carbon, China Telecom has achieved an annual power saving of more than 600 million kilowatt hours by: ① adopting customized high-performance servers and other means to improve computing efficiency; ② applying various new energy-saving technologies to improve the energy efficiency of data centers and telecommunications rooms; ③ accelerating the energy-saving application of AI technology in mobile base stations and old computer rooms and other measures.