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We provide Smart cloud host provides a web control panel, through which users can manage their services at any time to achieve autonomous management.
Our after-sales service provides three kinds of technical support, 7 * 24 non-stop online technical support, telephone, work order support request, and 10 minute quick response,
Our 7 * 24 in-depth monitoring: Uptime, ICMP, TCP port, CPU, RAM, HD free SMS, email alarm, and the operating conditions are well known; On duty audio alarm, the fault time is reflected rapidly.

  • Automatic opening
    Our product is launched in real time after online payment, without waiting for manual review.
  • Elastic upgrade
    The virtual machine can be upgraded at any time according to user needs.
  • Free use
    0 yuan free trial, try first and then purchase, to ensure that the purchase is satisfactory products.
  • Technical response and support
    Provide 7 * 24 technical support, telephone, work order, QQ support, and 10 minute quick response.
  • Troubleshooting
    Any fault problem can be solved within 1 hour, so you have no worries.

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  •  Choose Youyun large bandwidth server, and instantly have four major values and benefits
    Choose Youyun large bandwidth server, and instantly have four major values and benefits

    Many people ask when renting various servers:

    How much bandwidth does my business need to configure?

    The size of bandwidth will seriously affect the access experience of the end customer, while limiting the responsiveness of the server. This article explains the Haoyou Cloud large bandwidth server rental product. Welcome to try it (there are benefits at the end of the article).

    Common Scenarios

    1. All websites and platforms are tested by peak traffic, and users' access is impeded due to insufficient bandwidth, video images are severely stuck, and customer experience is extremely poor;

    2. When a large number of users log in at the same time, the server cannot bear more traffic, and the transmission efficiency is reduced. If the delay is light, the packets will be lost and dropped;

    3. When the user accesses from different types of devices or mobile terminals, due to different network quality, network delay and other phenomena are likely to occur.


    Haoyouyun Provide exclusive solutions for the above case problems:

    1. TB bandwidth resource reserve: The single server has strong hardware expansion capability, which can be expanded to 10G at most. It has terabyte bandwidth resource reserves, selects high-quality bandwidth from local operators in all regions of the world, and provides highly available, multi type, cost-effective exclusive bandwidth access for most application scenarios;

    2. Dynamic BGP network: Solve the global user network interworking and reduce network delay. The network between different operators can achieve the fastest access. All the backbone routing equipment of the network operator will judge the best route to the IP segment of the customer's computer room, so as to ensure high-speed access of users from different network operators;

    3. Load balancing: Distribute user traffic to enterprise key application servers and other key task servers to achieve horizontal expansion, and automatically expand with elastic scaling to increase throughput. Intelligent traffic management meets the best load balancing requirements;

    4. Local operation and maintenance: It provides 7 * 24 * 365 global bilingual technical support in Chinese and English. The 150 person network operation and maintenance team distributed in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions provides on-site operation and maintenance services, including more than 30 CCIE/HCIE certified experts, to ensure that more than 90% of businesses respond within 5 minutes and failures are handled within 30 minutes.

    Applicable industries

    In view of the above problems, Haoyouyun The server rental product designed for the customer's business needs a lot of bandwidth - overseas large bandwidth servers, which is mainly applicable to the customer's business types: Live video, games, data transmission, smart medicine, distance education, software download, online music and other industries

    Value and income

    1. It can support a large number of online users at the same time, It can prevent network congestion and resource depletion, without jamming and delay, Greatly improve user access experience;

    two Network worry free operation and maintenance management, enjoy overseas resident services, No language barrier, save operation and maintenance costs, and can focus more on the global exhibition industry;

    three Agile network deployment capability, Respond to changes at any time;

    4.  Can stack DDoS defense services to improve network security The business has developed healthily and steadily for a long time.

    Users can make reasonable choices based on their own business scale, Haoyouyun After eight years of hard work in the server leasing industry, I have been very professional in terms of bandwidth resources, network quality, after-sales and operation and maintenance. According to the customer's industry and business characteristics, needs and budget, the server rental scheme can be customized to achieve integrated delivery and O&M 0 OPEX.

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  •  Unique "Iron Cloth Shirt" against DDoS attacks
    Unique "Iron Cloth Shirt" against DDoS attacks

    According to Kaspersky's Q2 DDoS attack report in 2019, the total number of attacks increased by 18 percentage points compared with Q2 in 2018. In this quarter, China was also the region with the largest number of DDoS attacks (63.80%), and the longest attack lasted 509 hours, setting a new historical record.

    DDoS attackers have shifted their focus from the network and transport layer to the application layer. The scale of attacks has also grown exponentially. DDoS protection has become increasingly difficult in recent years.

    Most enterprises lack the resources to extend their security plans to provide adequate DDoS protection.

    How to defend against DDoS attacks?

    Haoyou Cloud provides anti DDoS attack defense systems for some enterprises around the world to protect them from increasing threats and provide multi-level defense against complex and large-scale DDoS attacks.

    Haoyou cloud defense product Ant-DDoS system uses self-developed anti denial of service attack algorithm to block attack traffic in real time and ensure normal business access.

    The protection strategy based on IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP and many other protocol types can monitor various types of defense attacks.

    Accurate identification:

    We independently developed a variety of anti denial of service attack algorithms, and used different algorithms (such as source address verification, TCP retransmission verification, hop learning and detection, fingerprint identification verification, protocol stack behavior pattern analysis, etc.) to identify different types of DDoS attacks, which can accurately distinguish malicious DDoS attack messages. The product has high recognition rate and high accuracy, which can ensure that normal customers' access will not be affected under the condition of effectively intercepting various attacks.

    Defend against multiple attack types:

    It can effectively defend against SYN Flood, ACK Flood, SYNACK Flood, FIN/RST Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, Smurf, Land based, Fragment Flood and other common attacks.

    It can effectively defend against HTTP Get Flood attack, TCP connection exhaustion attack, TCP empty connection attack and other attacks against web services. It also supports setting custom protocol types to protect specific application layer protocols, such as online games, voice, instant messaging related protocols, etc.

    It can effectively defend against DDoS attacks launched by various anonymous attack tools and bots.

    Adaptive rate:

    By monitoring and controlling the request rate for applications, applications can be automatically protected from application layer DDoS and other huge attacks.

    Flexible deployment:

    The Anti DDoS system provides a serial deployment mode, which can transparently "cascade" the serial version of AD-100 firewall at the network entrance to detect, analyze and block DDoS attacks.

    In addition to serial deployment, the Anti DDoS system also provides a bypass deployment mode, which imports traffic through BGP or policy routing. After filtering DDoS attacks, the protection equipment injects "clean" traffic back into the network. Reinjection methods can be strategic routing, two-layer reinjection and three-layer reinjection.

    T-level defense capability:

    The single Anti DDoS system has 80G defense capability and supports the deployment of up to 32 clusters, that is, the overall cluster can support up to 2T of cleaning defense capability, which can enable the entire system to withstand massive DDoS attacks.

    Specific services:

    The intelligent defense based on IP reputation and IP behavior analysis achieves perfect defense effect against CC class proxy IP attacks, botnet attacks, etc. Built in special protection plug-ins for various servers, such as games, DNS servers, mail servers, web servers, etc., support the configuration of different parameters for protection by analyzing the service characteristics of the protected host.

    Log management:

    Display the detailed log time, record the status operation record of the device during this time, support the classification display of log events, statistics of host traffic, connections, events and other analysis reports, and support the output display of a single IP host.


    It supports the black and white list function of domain names, supports limiting the number of connections between a single IP and the server, supports built-in predefined rules, supports custom functions such as general rule matching.

    Haoyou Cloud DDoS protection products (Anti DDoS) have comprehensive, efficient and professional DDoS protection capabilities. Through sufficient and high-quality DDoS protection resources, users can ensure the stable and safe operation of their business.

    The strong self-development team has the ability to rapidly iterate the defense system for emerging attacks, effectively improving the defense service level. The protection scenario covers games, Internet, video, finance, government and other industries.

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  •  [Promotion plan] Cooperative promotion
    [Promotion plan] Cooperative promotion

    We very much welcome you to join the promotion plan of Haoyouyun and introduce our products to others. At the same time, we will pay you corresponding remuneration according to your promotion performance.

    Registered Account -->> Join the promotion -->> Get Link -->> Withdrawal income

    Promotion commission standard:

    All Haoyouyun Customers can become our cooperative promotion users, and the commission obtained by recommending other customers to buy our products.
    According to our current promotion policy, if you successfully recommend other users to register on our website and successfully purchase the product, and the user has used it for one month without refund or malicious consumption of resources, you can get a commission on the sales settlement price of the product after one month.
    If the user applies for a refund to us halfway, the promoter will not be able to obtain the promotion commission.

    Specific classification of domestic service return:
    ECS: 10% Overseas server: 1% Virtual host: 2%

    For products not listed, we will not provide commission rebates temporarily due to high cost.

    As long as the promotion amount is more than 50 yuan, it can be transferred into the user's fund transfer account for use, and as long as it is more than 100 yuan, it can apply for withdrawal in the member center. We will make a settlement at the end of each month.

    We suggest that you put the following links or logos on your blog or other types of websites to help you carry out cooperative promotion business. as     Haoyouyun

    Or you can edit the picture by yourself. The additional link is https://www.haoyouyun.com/page.aspx?c=referral&u= [ Your user ID ]

    Please put the [ Your user ID ] Replace it with your user ID, or query in the promotion return menu of the member center, Click to enter

    Haoyouyun 2016/07/01 12:42:00

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