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[Warm Reminder] Important Notice on Data Security


Recently, customers have frequently asked our customer service personnel to hard restart the server. In order to avoid unexpected problems, our company now gives a warm reminder of the potential risks of this operation. Agents and customers please pay attention to:
1. As the operating system and file system are running, if the operating system is completely bypassed and the power is forced to shut down, there is a certain probability that the file system will make an unexpected error, especially for the server with the operating system installed. When the operating system is restarted, the operating system cannot run normally, and the file system needs to be repaired. However, this kind of repair not only takes a long time, but also has a certain probability of repair failure, resulting in data loss.
The correct approach is that the customer enters the operating system and uses the system shutdown command to operate. In this case, the system will safely shut down the file system to minimize the possibility of errors.
2. Because hard disks (including SSDs and HDDs) have a certain service life and failure probability, our company provides data backup space services for customers. This service is implemented by multi copy distributed storage, which has very high reliability. Data can be retained and migrated according to customer requirements, and has high flexibility.
The hard disk failure is a hardware failure. Our company can replace the faulty hardware in a timely manner, but we cannot be responsible for the customer's data value and additional losses. Our company is willing to help customers do a good job in support and service within the reach, including selecting reliable hardware and technical means as far as possible to reduce the failure rate, Provide customers with convenient assistance for data backup.
The hardware is valuable, but the data is priceless. I hope to work with all agents and customers to do a good job in data protection.