Universal 200M

Space: 200 M
Database: 50 MB MSSQL/MySQL
Number of connections: 200
Number of sub stations: 0
Bandwidth: 1M
Number of bound domain names: unlimited
Environment: ASP.net, PHP, ASP, Access database, etc


Virtual Host Product Introduction

1、 It provides comprehensive support for ACCESS, MYSQL, SQL SERVER 2000 and other databases.

2、 Accessibility technical support: 24 × seven × 365 system technical support, smile to any user, provide 400 phone calls, QQ, background work orders, and communication barrier free.

3、 The server adopts hyper threading technology. Multi threads run concurrently on multiple processors, effectively preventing one user's program from being stuck and affecting other user's programs

Real time virus protection system/hacker intrusion detection system/service application firewall/full intelligence against red code, shock wave and other malignant worms.

High cost performance ratio: In the same industry, we have always maintained the service strategy of low price and high quality, so that you can really get more value for money.