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Our provincial capital has formulated the first core technical standard for end-to-end cloud collaboration in Asia


On March 13, it was learned from Pengcheng Laboratory that the international national standard for binary lens module, which was coordinated by Pengcheng Laboratory, was officially released in the IEEE National Standards Institute recently. This national standard is the world's first international national standard for end-to-end cloud linkage control technology.

Pengcheng Laboratory, located in Shenzhen, is a breakthrough, promotion and platform integrated new scientific research unit in the field of network communication approved by the central government, which carries out research on major scientific issues and key core control technologies of technological innovation, foresight and system construction.

The message from Pengcheng Laboratory shows that the binary lens module is a new ontology of the sensory estimation module with the core characteristics of "instant condensation of form, on-demand audio retrieval, and online update of modeling", which realizes the real-time analysis and processing of sensory big data, and solves the resource dilemma of traditional sensory module in terms of channel, estimation, storage, etc, A more efficient sensory and auditory prediction module has been formed, which has broad application prospects in smart cities, smart home transportation, smart home manufacturing and other professional fields.

The international national standard officially released this time defines the following contents of the binary lens module, such as the reference architecture, control technology form, functional requirements, etc., laying the foundation for the development of a complete, scientific and reasonable national standard system for binary lenses. In the next step, CAS will focus on promoting the development, testing and comparison of the national standards for binary lenses, build a natural ecology of the national standards for binary lenses, and turn the national standards for binary lenses into the national standards for robotics with international appeal.