Light application update log&FAQ


Update log

  • • On June 18, 2014, the enterprise application migration guide and Weibo client QR code rules were supplemented; Update FAQ

common problem

How does the H5 version adapt to height?

The H5 version does not require adaptive height, and the client will display the applications of the access side in 100% size. In some Android machines, AJAX dynamically loaded content will appear, and the scroll bar cannot be pulled to the end. Please call Light application components Action of -- setIframeSize.

Does light application have no top header?


How can I download and install apk files for light application H5?

A normal link to the apk file does not respond when clicked in the Android version of the microblog client. Please use the method to open" ");

How to arouse the private message function

sinaweibo://messagelist?uid= ***&nick=**&content=***&avatarimageurl=***

  • Uid is required
  • Nick nickname, required
  • Content The content of the placeholder is required, and the default text is added
  • Avatarimageurl avatar address is required

For example:

 <a href=" sinaweibo://messagelist?uid=1406758883 ">Contact me</a>
Updated on: August 18th, 2014