Fans service platform

Introduction to fan service platform development interface

  • Through the open interface, help the Weibo authentication account to provide more exciting and personalized content and more interesting interactive services for fans who actively subscribe to it in their own services.

The fan service platform (hereinafter referred to as the fan service platform) is a platform that provides services for Weibo authenticated users, and the development interface of the fan service platform is the basis for providing services. After the Weibo authenticated user opens the development mode, designates and authorizes the third-party developer to serve him, and obtains the interface permission in the powder server platform website, the third-party developer can help the Weibo authenticated user develop applications through this interface document.

The powder service platform development interface provides the ability to interact with users on messages and customized menus. For the microblog authentication account successfully accessed to the development interface of the powder service platform, when the user sends a message to the microblog authentication account, the microblog powder service platform server will use http requests to push messages to the accessed website. The third-party server can reply to a specific structure through the response package, or call another customer service reply interface, so as to achieve the purpose of replying to messages.

Receive message details

  • Verify message authenticity

    When the third-party microblog account binds the receiving message URL in the background of the pink server, it needs to return the echostr parameter content as is to bind successfully, otherwise the binding fails.
  • Receive ordinary messages

    Receiving ordinary messages refers to receiving text, location, voice, and picture messages sent by users to third-party microblog accounts.
  • Receive event push

    Receiving event push mainly refers to receiving users' attention/cancellation of attention, subscription/cancellation of subscription, scanning QR code with parameters and other events.
  • WeChat XML format compatible

    Weibo fan service platform is fully compatible with WeChat XML format, and developers can use The interface selects whether the information it receives is in WeChat XML format or JSON format.

Send message service details

  • Send passive response message

    For each POST request, the developer returns a specific JSON structure or XML structure in the response package (Get) to respond to the message (reply text and image text messages are now supported).
  • Send customer service message

    When the user sends a message to the authentication account, Weibo will push the message data to the developer, who can call the customer service message interface for a certain number of times. Users send messages, follow/subscribe to events, click the custom menu, scan QR code events, and now the developer does not limit the number of times to send within 48 hours; For user @ events, developers can reply once within 48 hours.

Introduction to typical cases

Follow the following accounts for instant experience:

private letter @Check weather Designated city, attention @Road condition of Haidian Bridge , Attention @My impression notes , Private Message @Ask the doctor quickly , voice private message @Go out and ask

contact information

If you have any questions or suggestions during use, please welcome @ Weibo open platform.

Document update time: August 24, 2015