Micro connection is a general term for the cooperation of microblogging open platform with non-commercial third parties. It is mainly divided into account intercommunication, microblog components, SDK and other micro connection applications, covering all application types except light applications.

  • Integrate microblog resources

    Quickly integrate into microblog to create highly social applications

  • Add new user

    Log in with Weibo to lower the registration threshold

  • Brand communication

    Use content communication to gain more brand exposure and reputation

  • Communication content

    Use microblog communication channels to promote users to share content

Micro connection products

technical support

  • API documentation

    API interface description and description documents, including basic data API, search API and location information API

  • SDK download

    Development kit, including Adobe Air, PHP, Python, Java and other popular languages

  • common problem

    Common problems such as development, review, interface permissions, application interface calls, etc

  • Q&A system

    Knowledge community where developers of microblog open platform communicate and share with each other

Developer Fund

The China Weibo Innovation Fund is a venture capital fund jointly created by Sina, Sequoia Capital, IDG Capital, Innovation Works, Yunfeng Fund and Defengjie, five top investment institutions. It aims to provide venture capital for third-party application developers focusing on Sina Weibo platform, as well as necessary guidance related to entrepreneurship for developers, Help developers accelerate their entrepreneurial dreams.

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Success stories

Caijing has deep cooperation with Weibo, integrating functions with Weibo in user login, user sharing, and news body page. Weibo provides statistical tools. Users click on the content of the list and jump to the main news page of Caijing. com to increase the second click and user stickiness.