SSO authorization of mobile applications


Introduction to SSO authorization function

The third-party Android and iOS applications connected to Weibo can quickly complete OAuth2.0 authorization through the official Weibo client.

SSO authorization advantages

It does not need to repeatedly enter the microblog user name and password. It only needs one step of operation. Click the authorization button directly to complete the authorization, which enhances the operation simplicity and account security.

The client version currently supports SSO (SDK will identify the version and be downward compatible in WebView mode)

1. Android microblog client 3.0.0 and above

2. IPhone microblog client 3.0.0 and above

3. IPad version microblog client 2.9.0 and above

Sample SSO Authorization Process


Access process

1. Download and import the official SDK of Weibo.

Android platform:

IOS platform:

2. Refer to the Sample provided in the SDK and read the SDK documentation carefully.

3. Refer to the documentation, modify the application information (including Appkey, App Secret, Redirect Url), and complete some development work in third-party applications.

Note: Third parties can also carry out secondary development of SDKs according to their own needs.

Cooperation cases

1. Sing

  • Developer: Beijing Kuzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (official microblog: @Sing
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Introduction: beautiful MM's favorite karaoke software, an essential artifact of iPhone

2. 360 mobile browser

  • Classification: Photography
  • Introduction: Safe, fast, cloud service, and massive reading enable you to enjoy the safest and highest quality browsing service


  • Developer: Chengdu Pinguo Technology Co., Ltd. (official microblog: @Camera360
  • Classification: Photography
  • Introduction: Everyone can become a master photographer without professional skills

4. Bean and fruit delicacies

  • Category: life
  • Introduce: You are the king in your kitchen, and bean and fruit food is the kitchen in your pocket

5. Master Lu

  • Classification: tools
  • Introduction: Conduct performance evaluation and score scoring for Android phones, pass eight tests, and let you know your mobile phone like the palm of your hand
Document update time: March 27, 2014