Weibo API

Identified as The interface of is a high-level permission interface, which can be called only after application. Please refer to Advanced interface application

Identified as The interface of is the interface that needs to make a separate SCOPE authorization request to the user. It can be called only after the user authorizes separately. See SCOPE

Fans service( Novice Access Guide
Read interface receive messages Receive user's private message, follow, cancel follow, @ and other message interfaces
Write interface send message Reply to the user's private message interface
Generate QR code with parameters Generate 2D code interface with parameters
OAuth2( developer's guide
Request authorization oauth2/authorize Request user authorization token
Obtaining authorization oauth2/access_ token Obtain authorized Access Token
Authorization query oauth2/get_ token_ info Query user access_ Authorization related information of token
Replace Authorization oauth2/get_ oauth2_ token Change the Access Token of OAuth1.0 to the Access Token of OAuth2.0
Authorized recycling oauth2/revokeoauth2 The authorization recycling interface helps developers cancel user authorization actively
Other interfaces account/rate_ limit_ status Get the API access frequency limit of the current authorized user
account/get_ uid Obtain the user's UID after authorization
account/profile/email Obtain the user's contact email after authorization
Read interface users/show Obtain user information after authorization
users/domain_ show Obtain user information through personalized domain name after authorization
Read interface statuses/home_ timeline Get the latest Weibo of the current authorized user and the users they follow
statuses/user_ timeline Get Weibo published by authorized users
statuses/repost_ timeline Return to the latest forwarded microblog of an original microblog
statuses/mentions Get the latest Weibo of @ current authorized users
statuses/show Get single microblog information according to ID
statuses/count Get the number of forwarded comments of the specified microblog in batch
statuses/go Jump to a single microblog page according to ID
emotions Get official emoticons
Write interface statuses/share Third party sharing link to Weibo
Read interface comments/show Get the comment list of a microblog
comments/mentions Get @ to my comments
Write interface comments/create Comment on a Weibo
comments/reply Reply to a comment I received
public service
Read interface common/code_ to_ location Obtain address name through address code
common/get_ city Get city list
common/get_ province Get the list of provinces
common/get_ country Get a list of countries
common/get_ timezone Get the time zone configuration table

Document update time: December 28, 2020