Third party enterprise developers provide microblog accounts with commercial services such as fan based services, light application customization, data analysis or advertising optimization.
The micro service provider must be the enterprise that serves the micro blog account
  • Operation trusteeship
    Provide operation management, event marketing and other services for microblog accounts.
  • application development
    Provide customized network services based on light applications and powder service.
  • Data Insight
    Provide data analysis, CRM and other services through microblog business data.
  • Advertising Marketing
    It has the right of microblog advertising agency and provides optimization services for advertising.

Micro service products

Excellent partners

List of excellent partners>
After microblog business partners access microblog, microblog will carry out excellent partner certification according to the business operation of partners. Partners who meet the conditions and pass the microblog certification will enjoy the identity of "excellent partner certification" within one year.

Benefits of excellent partners

  • Get the exclusive online page and certificate.
  • Higher interface permissions.

Success stories

  • Provide application service solutions for the construction of digital government, digital marketing, digital media and digital city.
    Number of customers served
    service trade
    Education, finance, real estate, cultural tourism, etc
    Typical customers
    Tencent, China Unicom, Starbucks