Connect high-quality content and media authors to Weibo
  • Content access platform

    The content and media access platform is a solution to access high-quality content to the microblog platform. Based on the 100 million user base of microblog and the communication characteristics of social media, it provides high-quality content authors and media institutions with the ability to authorize users to log in, publish content, and share social media.

I am a mobile application developer. I want to integrate the functions of microblog in my application
  • Mobile applications

    The microblog open platform provides a simple development framework for mobile application developers. The multi platform and multi terminal SDK will help you integrate the functions of microblog into your applications or WAP stations.

I want to develop applications for enterprises on the microblog platform to serve enterprise accounts and their customers
  • data service

    Enterprise developers provide data analysis, interaction with users' private messages and other services, namely data services, to microblog accounts through the business data interface provided by the microblog open platform. The data service only supports enterprise developers to apply for access.

More documents that can help you
  • Novice guide

    Before you access the website and develop applications, you need to know how to become a developer of the platform, and then how to create applications, submit them for review, and finally let microblog users find your published applications on the microblog application square.
  • OAuth2.0 authorization authentication

    Access to most APIs, such as posting microblogs and obtaining private messages, requires user identity. At present, OAuth2.0 protocol is used for user identity authentication of microblog open platform, and it also provides support for Web, desktop and mobile applications.
  • API documentation

    API description documents: including microblog related APIs, public service APIs, and geographic information APIs. For API, you can also score and give feedback on the document call page, so that we can better provide you with interface support. Interface test tools
  • SDK download

    Development kit: including iOS Android, JS, etc. To realize the access of third-party web pages, clients and other applications.
  • Policies and Rules

    Understand the policies and specifications of the microblog open platform, and clearly develop and operate their own applications: Platform Convention Developer Agreement Application Audit Guide
  • common problem

    Application related issues include: application management, audit, advanced interface and special permissions, application tuning; Interface problems such as interface strategy and other problems. You can view and solve the problem here.

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Document update time: March 20, 2024