Microblog business partners It refers to that the access provider provides services such as home page customization, social management, data analysis, advertising optimization, etc. to the microblog account through the interface and channel provided by the microblog open platform. The subscriber must be the enterprise that serves the microblog account.

Classification of microblog business partners
Operation trusteeship

Refers to enterprise partners who provide operation management, event marketing and other operation hosting services for enterprise microblog accounts based on the products and services provided by microblog.

application development

Refers to the enterprise partners who provide customized social network services for enterprises based on microblog light application framework and fan services.

Data Insight

Refers to enterprise partners who serve enterprises and microblog accounts after analysis or secondary processing based on microblog data.

Advertising Marketing

Refers to the partners who have the right to direct advertising on microblog and provide enterprises with microblog based advertising and optimization services.

contact information

Please email: businessapi@staff.weibo.com