Wireless games

Mobile Game

The microblog open platform provides game developers with mature social functions such as invitation, sharing, ranking, and gifts, which can help games introduce massive microblog user resources to quickly gather popularity, increase game playability, extend the life cycle of the game, and meet the needs of mobile game players to quickly log in, share information, and interact with friends anytime and anywhere.

Game socialization

Wireless games are a convenient cooperation mode provided by the microblog open platform for the majority of game developers, which can help wireless games quickly socialize.


  • Step 1
    Register as a developer, select game platforms and types to create wireless game applications
  • Step 2
    Fill in the platform information of the application in "My Application - Application Information"
  • Step 3
    Download and integrate the corresponding platform SDK into your application
  • Step 4
    After developing your application, submit it for approval through the "My Application" page
  • Step 5
    The application is approved and the access is completed

Access mode

  • Social Games

    Log in to the game with a microblog account, provide social functions such as ranking, invitation, gift, show off, and archiving, and provide payment functions. Introduce active users of microblog, increase the playability of the game, extend the life cycle of the game, and increase the income of the game.

  • Other methods: Basic access | Intermodal Games
  • Document description

  • Android SDK documentation

    The package integrates the latest OAuth2.0 authorization method and the new version of interface invocation method, and optimizes the user experience for the Android platform.

  • IOS SDK documentation

    The iOS platform style has been optimized, and the latest OAuth2.0 authorization method and new interface calling method have been encapsulated and integrated.

  • Success stories

    Once the user authorization is completed, you can easily start the game with your microblog account. Introduce high-quality friend resources to realize the socialization of games at low cost.