send message

There are two ways to send messages: sending passive response messages and sending customer service messages.

Send message service details

  • Send passive response message

    For each POST request, the developer returns a specific JSON structure or XML structure in the response package (Get) to respond to the message (reply text and image text messages are now supported).
  • Send customer service message

    When a user actively sends a message to the authentication account (including sending information, following events, scanning QR code events), the developer can call the customer service message interface for a certain number of times within a period of time (currently 48 hours), and send a message to ordinary users through a JSON packet of POST.

  • Advanced mass sending interface

    The advanced group sending interface is used to send messages to subscribers in groups.

  • WeChat XML format compatible

    Weibo fan service platform is fully compatible with WeChat XML format, and developers can use The interface selects whether the information it receives is in WeChat XML format or JSON format.

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Document update time: October 28, 2015