Developer Rating Strategy

Read the following documents to help you understand the strategies related to developer grading.

Why do you want to grade developers

1. Form a virtuous closed loop of mutual benefit and win-win results

We will improve the ecological order of the open platform through a reasonable developer grading strategy, link the interests of partners with the development of the microblog open platform, and promote the formation of a virtuous closed-loop of win-win cooperation.

2. Reasonably allocate open resources and standardize the open environment

For open resources such as microblog open platform interfaces, SDKs, components, etc., hierarchical permission management should be carried out for common developers and partners to achieve reasonable and effective use of resources, avoid resource waste, and ensure the interests of both parties.

What is developer rating

The microblog open platform divides registered developers into two categories, ordinary developers and partners.

1. Ordinary developer

Anyone who registers as a developer on the microblog open platform, whether the subject is an enterprise or an individual, will become an ordinary developer by default.

2. Partners

On the basis of ordinary developers, according to the quality of products and services provided, developers who have reached mutually beneficial cooperation with the microblog open platform will be upgraded to partners.

3. Partner Category

After becoming a partner, it will be divided into an appropriate category. Different partner categories will have different cooperation preferences. For example, news media partners will focus on fostering and providing high-level interface permissions for content publishing.

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Basis of developer rating

1. Active user data

When developers access the microblog open platform, the user activity, user value, and user stickiness brought by the products and services they provide. The main reference data is the number of effective (commercializable) active users brought by applications accessed by developers.

2. Content contribution data

Developers access the microblog open platform, and the number of content published to microblog, the quality of reading, and the degree of originality of content. The main reference data are: the applications accessed by developers are published, the content shared to Weibo, and the reading amount in Weibo.

Hierarchical rights and interests of developers

1. Ordinary developer

Normal developers will get it by default Mobile SDK, authorization service (login capability with microblog account), basic interface , these basic resource permissions.

2. Partners

Partners, in addition to obtaining the above three resource permissions owned by ordinary developers by default, may also obtain Advanced interface for media publishing, advanced interface for blog comment content, content stream SDK, short (external) chain jump service, web page call capability, data push service And other resources, depending on the cooperation situation.

Review the access to the green channel. Partners enjoy the review of the green channel during business access. The microblog open platform will provide technical advice and guidance, product optimization suggestions, upgrade interface permissions, one-on-one customer service, rapid review and other support.

Application promotion and operation support. The microblog open platform provides partners with multiple channels for microblog promotion, so as to increase the exposure opportunities of third-party applications and websites, bring more traffic and improve the activity. The specific promotion resources will be determined according to the cooperation, such as: recommendation bits on the body page, relevant recommendation bits in the message flow, etc.

Hierarchical management of developers

1. Assessment management

The evaluation cycle of partners is quarterly, that is, at the end of the last month of each quarter, and the level of partners is reviewed again according to the active user data, content contribution data and other indicators.

2. Violation management

All partners shall continue to abide by the Microblog Open Platform Convention, the Microblog Open Platform Developer Agreement and the Microblog Open Platform Application Operation Management Specification formulated by the Microblog Open Platform. Any violation of these provisions shall be deemed as a violation, and shall be dealt with in accordance with the corresponding violation handling methods. Partners have no privileges here. For example, when publishing pornographic, gambling and drug content, the ban will be closed, and it will not be exempted because it is a partner.


Document update time: September 14, 2020