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  • Through the interface and channel provided by the microblog open platform, enterprise developers provide microblog accounts with services such as interaction with users' private messages, homepage customization, data analysis, etc., namely microservices. Weservice only supports enterprise developers to apply for access. Through this article, you will learn:
  • How to become a microservice developer;
  • How to change personal identity to enterprise identity;
  • How to quickly create microservice applications.

How to become a microservice developer

  • 1、 New Developer
  • If you are a new developer and have not registered on the microblog open platform, please refer to Novice Guide , register as a developer.
  • Since the microservice application is only open to enterprise developers, if you want to create a microservice application, please select the identity type of "enterprise developer" when registering the developer. Enterprise developers can also create micro connected applications.

  • 2、 Individual Developer
  • If you are already an individual developer of the microblog open platform, you need to modify your personal identity to an enterprise identity before you can create a microservice application.
  • 1. How to modify developer identity
  • a、 from Platform homepage Enter the modification page
    • Step 1: Navigate to the top of the microblog open platform home page and click "WeChat service" to enter the WeChat service page;

    • Step 2: click the "Create Application" button on the microservice page;

    • Step 3: Click "Modify Identity" in Create Float to enter the developer basic information page to modify the identity.


  • 2. Modify identity information
  • On the developer basic information page, select the "company" developer type and fill in all form information completely. Click "Submit" to modify successfully.

  • Please note that:
  • 1. When modifying the identity, once the modification of an individual to an enterprise becomes effective, it cannot be changed, that is, the enterprise developer cannot be modified back to the individual developer.
  • 2. Once submitted, the identity modification will take effect immediately. Therefore, before submitting, please read the "Identity Authentication" section below to understand the identity authentication related information after becoming an enterprise developer, so as to avoid the situation that the application cannot be submitted for review due to the failure of identity authentication.

  • 3. Identity authentication
  • After an individual is modified to an enterprise, the enterprise identity needs to be re authenticated. After passing the identity authentication, the application can be submitted for online review.
  • The information required for enterprise identity authentication is as follows:
    • Enterprise name: Please fill in the real enterprise name. Once it is approved, it cannot be changed.
    • Business license number: Please fill in the business license number truthfully. Once approved, it cannot be changed.
    • Scanned copy of corporate ID card: Please upload a true and valid scanned image of both sides of corporate ID card, control the image size within 2M, and support PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF format.
    • Scanned copy of business license: please upload the true and valid scanned copy of business license.
    • Scanning copy of tax registration: please upload the scanning picture of the true and effective copy of the enterprise tax registration.

How to create microservice applications

  • After becoming an enterprise developer, you can create microservice applications in three simple steps:
  • Start creating applications on the microservice page;
  • Select the application form;
  • Fill in the application information, select the microservice type, and create it successfully after submitting.

  • 1、 Start creating apps
  • Go to the microservice page( http://open.weibo.com/service ), click the "Create Application" button to enter the type selection phase of the target application.

  • Please note that:
  • 1. The microservice page is the only access to create microservice applications;
  • 2. In addition to this entry, light applications can also be created from the light application introduction page. See http://open.weibo.com/development/pro

  • 2、 Select application form
  • On the application type selection floating layer, please refer to the text and case introduction below the application type, select the most suitable application form, and click the icon to enter the creation page.

  • Please note that:
  • 1. The applications created from the microservice page are all microservice applications.
  • 2. The light application is the original professional application.

  • 3、 Fill in application information
  • On the application creation page, fill in all the form information, select the microservice business type, and click the "Create" button.

  • Introduction to microservice types:
  • 1. Light application: original professional application, see http://open.weibo.com/development/pro To create a light application, please click "Light Application" in the step "Select Application Form" to enter the light application creation page.
  • 2. Management enhancement tools: websites or applications that provide services for users based on user relations, such as social networking sites.
  • 3. Marketing applications: in station applications with brand exposure, such as in station lottery, games, quizzes, etc.
  • 4. Data analysis: obtain microblog data to serve itself or a third party, such as public opinion management, customer service support applications Kongming Social
  • 5. Advertising optimization: obtain microblog data, which is only used to optimize advertising data, and provide corresponding data support for advertisers.
  • 6. Advertising: get the permission of microblog advertising API, and have the ability to place advertisements on microblog.

  • Please note that:
  • 1. Data analysis applications can be approved only after they have reached data cooperation with the microblog open platform. Please contact the microblog open platform BD after the application is successfully created;
  • 2. Direct customer and advertising applications are not open for the time being. Please wait.

  • 4、 Created successfully
  • After the application is created successfully, it can be developed and tested to obtain basic permissions. Only after complete application information and identity authentication can it be submitted for online review. Please refer to the specific process Novice Guide And Audit Guide

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Document update time: June 4, 2014