Platform Convention


general provisions

    • Article 1 Weibo open platform is an open platform based on the users, communication power and brand influence of Weibo to access third-party partner services and provide users with rich applications and perfect services. This Convention is formulated in order to build a harmonious coexistence ecosystem of microblogging and achieve win-win results for platforms, partners and users.

    • Article 2 The third party partner (hereinafter referred to as "the third party" or "the developer") mentioned in this Convention refers to the third party who cooperatively accesses applications or websites on the microblog open platform and provides services to individuals or enterprises. Developers are divided into micro connection partners and micro service partners. Micro connection partners refer to enterprises or individuals that provide products and services to ordinary users based on micro connection services of the microblog open platform; Micro service partners refer to enterprise partners who serve enterprises and microblog accounts based on microblog open platform interfaces and channels.

Chapter II Code of Conduct for Developers

    • Article 3 Applications and services submitted by developers on the microblog open platform shall not contain any content that violates national laws, regulations, policies and regulations.

    • Article 4 Developers must abide by the privacy protection terms of the microblog open platform, and promise to assume the same responsibility for protecting users' privacy as microblog. The collection and use of the user's personal information by the developer must be based on the legal authorization of the user. Without the user's permission, the user's personal information and other data must not be disclosed to any third person or used for purposes other than the authorization.

    • Article 5 For all the data and resources provided by the microblog open platform, the developer is only used to access the application or website, and shall not be used for any other purpose. Without the written consent of the microblog open platform, the developer shall not disclose the above information and resources to any third party, otherwise, the microblog open platform has the right to terminate cooperation at any time and investigate the developer's liability for compensation.

    • Article 6 Developers shall not harass users by misleading, confusing, cheating or any other means.

    • Article 7 All behaviors of developers on the open platform must comply with the Microblog Open Platform Developer Agreement, the Microblog Open Platform Application Operation Management Specification and all agreements, conventions and systems on the Microblog platform, and shall not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any organization or individual.

Chapter III Business Scope

    • Article 8 Microblog and developers work together to improve and enrich the functions of the microblog platform and provide users with better experience and services.

    • Article 9 Weibo will focus on its core functions, platform basic services and key products (including but not limited to account, relationship, message flow, search, payment, advertising system, application framework, geographical location, photo album, WeChat bar and WeChat magazine), and will not be open to external third parties.

    • Article 10 Weibo will establish a sub platform with the characteristics of managing third parties (including but not limited to micro games, micro tasks, micro activities), and have its own or exclusive authorization to manage the sub platform, while allowing access to third-party content or products.

    • Article 11 For industries with legal risk and need to be supervised (including micro lottery and micro console), Weibo will carry out exclusive authorization cooperation.

    • Article 12 For the types of products not covered above, Weibo fully opens the following businesses to developers, encourages developers to access relevant applications and services, and promises not to conduct exclusive cooperation. Particularly encourage content contributing applications and high user active application access:

            • (1) User oriented applications: applications based on four types of cooperation: PC applications (non game), mobile applications (non game), games, and websites, which can enrich the functions of the microblog platform, including but not limited to: entertainment and leisure, life services, community dating, news information, tools, etc.
            • (2) Enterprise oriented applications and services: including but not limited to applications displayed on the front end of enterprise official microblog; Applications facing the back end of enterprise official microblog, such as public opinion analysis (only for enterprise level public opinion analysis, government public opinion monitoring or related application access applications are not accepted), social management tools, CRM, data analysis, etc; Agency operation service based on microblog online marketing, advertising optimization, etc.
    • Article 13 Weibo provides all third-party websites and applications with connectivity services based on the Weibo platform.

Chapter IV Rights and Interests of Developers

    • Article 14 For developers of all microblog open platforms, the open platform will follow the principle of equality and fairness, and provide developers with resources necessary for development, such as data interfaces, technical documents, customer service support, etc.

    • Article 15 For the micro connection partners of the microblog open platform, the platform provides a set of hierarchical growth plans, which will be divided into different levels according to the qualification of the micro connection partners and their performance on the platform. Partners at different levels will enjoy different rights and interests in operational support, product promotion, etc., aiming to help developers grow healthily on the microblog open platform. See Measures for Hierarchical Management of Micro connection Partners on Weibo Open Platform

    • Article 16 In order to satisfy developers to better promote their applications on the microblog platform, the microblog open platform provides developers with corresponding user access channels and commercial promotion channels. For details, see Measures for Hierarchical Management of Micro connection Partners on Weibo Open Platform Promotion Resources Chapter and Home Page of Open Platform Website "I want to promote" Topics.

    • Article 17 All microservice partners must follow the relevant rules of the open platform. Excellent partners will have the opportunity to participate in the partner optimization plan. After passing the optimization plan certification, they can obtain the official public relations support, operational resources support and other rights of the microblog open platform. For details, please refer to the microblog open platform partner optimization plan.

    • Article 18 Microblog related data can be divided into the following three categories. The platform encourages data exchange after account intercommunication, and third parties can obtain data according to the actual situation:

            • (1) User data: The third party can obtain the information disclosed by the user through user authorization.
            • (2) Third party data: The third party can obtain the data generated by the user through the application on Weibo.
            • (3) Microblog operation data: A third party can obtain the operation data of microblog through business cooperation or paid business data interface.
    • Article 19 The microblog open platform provides developers with a complete virtual currency system and secure online payment services (including WeChat money and microblog payment) to help third parties achieve closed-loop consumption within the microblog system.

    • Article 20 Micro service partners can benefit from charging users and other new profit models that may be launched in the future.

Chapter V Obligations of Developers

    • Article 21 In order to improve the operation quality and user satisfaction of third-party applications, standardize the behavior of developers, and promote the common growth of the platform and developers, the platform has formulated the "Microblog Open Platform Application Operation Management Specification" and the "Microblog Open Platform Microconnection Partner Credit Score Rules", and defined the reward and punishment mechanism to promote the healthy growth of the platform ecosystem.

Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions

    • Article 22 The microblogging open platform will constantly improve the convention by listening to the needs of developers and users according to the overall strategy of microblogging at different stages. In case of any change in the content of this Convention, the open platform will directly publish the modified content of the Convention on the website, which is deemed to be that the open platform has notified developers of the modification. The open platform can also prompt developers to modify content through other appropriate ways.

    • Article 23 This Convention shall be implemented as of October 1, 2013.

Document update time: July 21, 2014