Introduction to Weibo payment

Weibo payment is a mobile payment product launched by Weibo to open the closed loop of online browsing - interest - order - payment - sharing. It is a relational payment tool based on Alipay's underlying service capabilities and the social attributes of Weibo, which ensures the safety and convenience of use, aims to create a more complete marketing solution for Weibo businesses, and make the marketing+service link more smooth and convenient.

Merchant access to microblog payment can complete communication, relationship building and touch, merchant management, transaction management and other functions. Help merchants and consumers establish explicit relationship behaviors (transfer, review, like, follow, subscribe) and implicit relationship data.

Support H5&code scanning payment

Third party applications and websites can directly evoke Weibo payment in mobile end pages. The PC end can scan the code to call the microblog client for payment.

Payment management

Microblog payment provides a management background, which provides reconciliation query, clearing and settlement, replenishment, sandbox management and other functions for the merchants of micro blog payment.

SDK payment

Mobile apps other than microblog clients can be invoked to pay after embedding microblog SDKs.

Relationship building

The payment behavior is completed based on the microblog account system, and the resume focus subscription relationship can be selected to build the SCRM.

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Excellent cases
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