Introduction to Business Data
The business data API provides enterprises with a convenient access to official microblog data, so that enterprises can provide data analysis, public opinion monitoring, enterprise operation and other services to microblog accounts. The business data API can only be used for a fee; Use independent access to domain names and service resources to provide more powerful guarantee for stability.

Rapid socialization insight

It is convenient to grasp the consumer voice of the brand in the social platform.

Monitoring and analysis of network public opinion

Help quickly understand hot topics related to research objects, discover unknown insights, and crisis warnings.

Official social media account management

Research posting status, interactive information and fan information.

Social media interaction management

Multi platform and multi account one-stop management can meet the needs of daily official micro publishing and netizen interaction, and facilitate team collaboration management.

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    Provide application service solutions for the construction of digital government, digital marketing, digital media and digital city.

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    The world's leading open source intelligence service provider.

  • LEAF

    Help brands use social media to understand their consumers and manage online reputation in real time.