Mobile application access

Mobile applications are accessed to the microblog open platform, mainly in the form of SDK, and microblog provides iOS The Android SDK provides a simple and easy to use microblog function access service for third-party mobile applications, enabling third-party clients to log in with microblog accounts, share content to microblog (directly through the official microblog client), deep links (Wblinks), hot content output and other functions without understanding the complex verification mechanism.

Weibo Basic SDK

It mainly provides two common access functions for developers: first, log in with a microblog account, and second, share to microblog, Mobile client access

1. Log in with your Weibo account

2. Share to Weibo


Android SDK

Weibo Content SDK

In your mobile application, users can browse the high-quality content stream output by the microblog recommendation engine algorithm, which currently includes microblog hot stream, microblog hot stream, microblog video recommendation stream, etc.

Feed SDK

Document update time: November 30, 2020