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Introduction to light applications
Light application is a special application for institutional account access using professional microblog, providing professional and stable expansion tools and services for corporate/media/government and other institutional accounts, and realizing more diversified display settings, marketing and management functions. The light app store supports online transactions, allowing developers to price their own developed apps and gain revenue after sharing. In order to ensure the quality of each application, light applications can be integrated with Weibo in depth in terms of technical resources, application scenarios, promotion resources, communication channels, etc. according to their positioning. At present, light applications only support enterprise microblogs, and support for government, media and other professional accounts is under development.

High quality customer resources

More than 400000 institutional accounts officially certified by Sina

Fast payment and settlement

Provide fast and reliable payment and settlement system

Flexible pricing model

Multiple pricing methods can be selected to maximize the application value

One stop experience

Provide consistent product experience for official applications

Document description

developer's guide

Introduction to the process from how to create light applications to applications passing approval

Audit specification

Introduce the platform audit rules to developers from application types, information sending, content regulations, etc

Development case
  • Micro recruitment

    The official recruitment application of Weibo is a precise job search platform for enterprise HR and job seekers. Rely on enterprise microblog account to display a large number of high-quality jobs; Actively reach passive job seekers and increase job exposure; Match positions and candidates through big data intelligence.

  • My WeChat official website

    Construct the information matrix of medical and health industries such as doctors, medical institutions, health media, pharmaceutical enterprises, etc; Provide brand marketing and user service solutions.

  • China Telecom Self service

    Telecom users can easily complete various services such as bill points query and recharge in light applications.

  • Micro selling

    WeChat shopping is a commodity selling platform with social networks as the media. WeChat Marketplace uses the light application framework as a carrier, and uses the advantages of social information sharing to sell various goods safely and effectively.