Introduction to fantong application promotion
The application promotion of fantong is an app download advertising service launched by Sina Weibo, which allows your mobile application to be displayed in the information flow of the microblog client. You can submit your application to the background of fantong, select the target audience, such as women aged 20-30 years in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and offer a certain price, then your advertisement can be launched to the target audience of microblog.

Application promotion introduction video

What are the advantages of fantong application promotion?
There are three advantages for fantong to promote applications: 1. Massive coverage. You can have 120 million active users on Weibo, ensuring the coverage of applications. 2. The golden advertising space is different from the ads of many advertising alliances appearing on the sidebar. The applications pushed by Fantong directly appear in the information flow of Weibo, improving the access efficiency. 3. Cost advantage: you can bid according to your own cost expectation, the promotion cost will not exceed your bid, there will be no interaction, no charge, and the cost is completely controllable.
What are the orientation conditions for the application and promotion of Fan Fan Tong?
Fantong can select users by age, gender, region, interest, wifi, Android, IOS and other dimensions. For example, if you are an app for menstrual management, you can launch it to female users in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou aged 17-45. These conditions for fantong application promotion are extensive and precise, so the launch effect has also been greatly improved.
How is fantong application promotion charged and how is the effect?
The application promotion of Fanfantong adopts the advertising mode of bidding. The bidding is based on click. The starting price for each click is 0.5 yuan. You can bid at your expected price, and the final deduction for a click will not exceed your bid. In terms of effect, because fantong can be targeted precisely, its effect will also be improved accordingly. Generally, the average click cost of fantong application promotion is 0.5-0.9 yuan. According to the feedback of customers who have used fantong, fantong has greater advantages in cost compared with other channels.
How to apply for Fan Tong
You can log in to Submit the application online, fill in the relevant information, and you can recharge and launch after the review is passed. Fan Tong adopts the mode of recharge before consumption. The first recharge amount is 5000 yuan, and you can pay through online banking. If you have any questions, you can call our service hotline 4000-980-980 at any time, or private mail @ microblog advertising.