common problem

It includes the most common problems and corresponding solutions in the process of accessing the microblog open platform.

Developer registration and identity authentication

How long does it take to verify the developer's identity?

1-3 working days, which will be postponed in case of holidays.

When filling in developer information, how to fill in "personal website"?

If there is no personal website, you can fill in your own microblog home page address. If there is a personal website, you can fill in it truthfully.

Select a developer type when registering developers. What is the difference between "individual" developers and "company" developers?

"Individual" and "company" developers are the same in the registration and authentication process, but there are differences when submitting identity authentication qualifications. "Individual" developers only need to submit information related to their personal ID cards, "company" developers need to submit information such as company business license or organization code card, and "company" developers need to submit information such as company business license or organization code card Type developers have certain advantages in applying for open platform capability permissions and cooperation support.

How can I upload the tax registration certificate when I authenticate the identity of a "company" developer?

After the three certificates are integrated into one, there is no tax registration certificate. When the identity is verified, the tax registration certificate office can upload the company's business license or organization code certificate again.

Will personal information submitted by developer identity authentication be protected?

Yes, the microblog open platform will encrypt the personal information data submitted by developers.

Application creation and review

How long will the review take after the application is submitted for review?

1-3 working days, which will be postponed in case of holidays. Here are some suggestions. Applications are in the developing state before they are submitted for approval. At this time, the application's APPKEY can be used to debug interfaces, integrate SDKs, and embed components. In addition to the restrictions on the number of interface calls and the number of authorized people, it can fully meet the needs of development and debugging. In addition, the status in development and the modification of application information are immediate, On the contrary, modifying the application information after passing the review will require additional modification and secondary review. Therefore, after registering the application, don't rush to submit it for review. Many developers rush to submit it for review before developing and debugging. They start to develop after passing the review. As a result, during the development process, it is found that the application development configuration needs to be modified repeatedly to debug, As a result, each modification of the application configuration will not take effect until the modification is approved again, which will delay the development progress.

After application modification, how long will it take to modify the secondary audit?

1-3 working days, which will be postponed in case of holidays. Please refer to the suggestions in the above article. Submitting for review after development and debugging is generally completed can reduce the need to wait for the second review due to modification of application information.

For applications that have passed the audit, the newly modified configuration will not take effect after the application profile, authorized callback address, security domain name and other application information are modified?

For approved applications, after modifying the application configuration, the secondary approval needs to be modified. When the modification is saved and submitted, the application will enter the secondary approval pending status. The modified application configuration information will take effect only after the secondary approval is passed. In addition, the application data is cached, so after the approval is passed, there will be a delay of several minutes for the application to take effect in some cases. Therefore, please combine the suggestions in the above two articles to reasonably arrange the time of application submission for review, and submit it for review after the development and debugging is generally completed, so as to reduce the need to wait for the second review due to the modification of the application configuration.

The application review I submitted was rejected, and I received the reasons for rejection, but I still don't understand what it means and how to deal with it?

Please refer to the description of common rejection reasons. Click to view Common reasons for rejection

When submitting an application for review, how can you fill in the application data to pass the review more effectively?

The application information shall be completed, including standard application icons, correct application descriptions, accurate developer information, etc. The application description shall be consistent with the application function, and the application name shall be consistent with the application or website name. For example, when a developer applies for a web application, his website is called "Zhang San's Personal Blog", but the application name of the microblogging open platform submitted by him is "My Blog". This will be rejected. If the application name is the same as the website when submitted, and it is also "Zhang San's Personal Blog", it will pass the review.

After the application is approved, it still displays "Apply to go online", but there is no place to operate. What should I do?

Since the application center of the microblog open platform has been revised, it has no function of being launched to the application center at present, so the application approval is the final status, which does not affect the use of the application APPKEY, and there is no need to "apply for online".

When registering an application, the application name I want to use prompts that it already exists and cannot be registered. What should I do?

In this case, there are several reasons as follows: 1. The application name contains the words "Weibo" and "Sina", which can only be used by official Weibo products; 2. The application name contains some brand protection words, such as the name of a well-known brand. If the developer's organization is indeed the brand owner, please contact the official microblog account of the microblog open platform, which will help the brand to complete the registration; 3. The application name has been registered by other developers. At this time, developers can only change one name. If this name is a valid trademark registered by developers, please contact the official microblog account of the microblog open platform, which will help the trademark owner complete the registration; 4. Names containing the words "enterprise", "government", "media", "blue V", etc. can only be used by official microblog products or cooperative organizations certified by the open platform.

I want to change the type of application, for example, from "web application" to "mobile application", can I?

At present, the application type cannot be changed. Developers should accurately select the application type according to their own needs. If necessary, another application type can be newly registered.

I developed an iOS application, and the Apple app store needs to be reviewed before it goes on sale. How do I deal with the order between the review and the microblog open platform?

Please fill in the application information truthfully first. The application name and application description should be consistent with the actual situation as far as possible. The application address should also be filled in the corresponding address on the app store first. Although the address may not be opened temporarily because Apple has not yet reviewed and launched it, we will still review this mobile application first to avoid problems when the application is reviewed and launched in the app store, After the app store passes the review, if necessary, please timely modify the relevant information of the application on the microblog open platform. For example, if the client download page address is changed to the official app store application address, we will review the mobile application ten working days after it passes the review. If there is no corresponding client to download the application address during the review, the review will be rejected.

Media platform access

Why does my application display "from unapproved applications" on the microblog sent through the calling interface?

The source with the app name of Weibo will be displayed only after the app is approved.

How to get the address of a single microblog body page through microblog ID splicing?

Address rules of single microblog body page: Weibo ID

Web application access

The webpage has embedded a microblog sharing button, but after sharing, the source of microblog display is not my webpage application name, but the "sharing button"?

The share button component shows that the share source is the name of a third-party web application, which must meet the following conditions: the web application has passed the review, and is bound to a security domain name, and the shared link must be under the bound security domain name. Note that the shared link needs to be placed in the url parameter, not the title parameter.

Open interface problems

What are the open interfaces of Weibo?

Please refer to the microblog open interface document: Weibo API

When encountering errors: applications over the unaudited use restrictions?

Only the application creator and the development test user can complete the application authorization and call the interface for applications that fail to pass the review. The setting method of the development test user can be added at "My Application>Application Information>Test Information>Test Account". Each application that fails to pass the review can only add up to 15 microblog accounts as the development test personnel. Note: it takes effect about half an hour after the addition, At the same time, developers and testers currently do not support modification and replacement. Please add carefully. In addition, when the application passes the review, the limit will disappear automatically, and all Weibo users will authorize the application and call the interface.

How to obtain the API access frequency limit of current users and applications?

You can call account/rate_limit_status Interface acquisition.

The server returned an invalid or incomplete response please try again later.

This error is a hint of illegal content when the domestic network interacts with the foreign network. Please check whether the foreign server proxy is used.

The app secret of one of my apps seems to be leaked. What should I do?

The app secret of an app is very important, so you should ensure its security. If you find that it is suspected of leaking, you need to reset the app secret in time. You can select "Reset the app secret" under "My app>Application information>Advanced information". Note that after resetting, the original app secret will be invalidated. Please replace the reset new app secret in your own code in time.

Application authorization problem

When encountering an error: How to resolve redirect_uri_mismatch?

The reason for the error is that the authorized callback address (redirect_uri parameter) does not match. The corresponding error code is 21322. The redirect_uri parameter in the authorization interface, that is, the authorized callback address, must be exactly the same as the authorized callback address filled in on the open platform website. Set the filling location: "My application>Application information>Advanced information". In addition, please note that, The callback address is usually a parameter in URL format. When it is passed as a GET parameter, URLencode is required.

How long is the authorization access_token valid?

The authorization service of the microblog open platform adopts the OAuth2.0 protocol. The validity period of authorization for unapproved applications is 24 hours. For approved web applications and mobile applications, the validity period of authorization is at least 30 days. Other different application types have different authorization strategies. See the following for details: Authorization mechanism

After the user's authorization access_token expires, how should we maintain the user's authorization access_token?

You can calculate the expiration time returned to you through the authorization interface. If the user's authorization has expired, you need to reboot the user to authorize again. After obtaining a new authorization access_token, replace the expired access_token, and maintain the authorization life cycle of the user in his own product.

Where is the authorization callback address set?

Set in "My app>App info>Advanced info>Authorization settings".

How can I get a refresh token?

After the mobile application is embedded in the microblog SDK, it will return a refresh token as well as access_token through SDK authorization. In addition, the ability application to obtain the refresh token is temporarily closed.

Document update time: December 21, 2022