Mobile applications

Mobile Application

The microblog open platform provides a convenient cooperation mode for mobile applications, meets the needs of diversified mobile terminal users to quickly log in and share information anytime and anywhere, and helps to realize the social access of mobile apps, health devices, smart homes, cars and other types of terminals.

New SDK Features

Share to Weibo

By sharing content, pictures and short videos to Weibo, mobile applications will be quickly socialized by users

Share to Hyperphone

By sharing to the microblog hyperphone community, we can aggregate topic discussions, maintain fans' stickiness, and be suitable for game applications

Log in with your Weibo account

By accessing the microblog account login function, it can achieve fast login, reduce the registration threshold, and improve user retention


  • Step 1
    Register as a developer and create mobile applications
  • Step 2
    Fill in the application callback page in "My Application - Application Information - Advanced Information"
  • Step 3
    Fill in the platform information of the application in "My Application - Application Information"
  • Step 4
    Download and integrate the corresponding platform SDK into your application
  • Step 5
    After developing your application, submit it for approval through the "My Application" page
  • Step 6
    The application is approved and the access is completed

Access mode

  • Mobile Client Access Description

    Enjoy more than 100 million "user to user" brand word-of-mouth publicity, and quickly form a brand communication chain.

  • Other access: H5 Website Access Description
  • Weibo Content Stream SDK: In your mobile application, it is easy to realize popular stream
    Weibo hot stream, Weibo video recommendation stream and other functions.
    For details, please click
  • Document description

  • Android SDK documentation

    The package integrates the latest OAuth2.0 authorization method and the new version of interface invocation method, and optimizes the user experience for the Android platform.

  • IOS SDK documentation

    The iOS platform style has been optimized, and the latest OAuth2.0 authorization method and new interface calling method have been encapsulated and integrated.

  • Success stories

    In the Fasthand client, after the user logs in through Weibo, the published content can generate a Weibo, which can be synchronized to Weibo.