Introduction to fan service platform
The fan service platform is a platform where Weibo authenticates users and applications provide wonderful content and interactive services for fans who actively subscribe to them. At present, the development mode interface is mainly divided into four main interface functions: "user-defined reply interface", "private message reminder interface", "subscription sending interface" and "application message service".

Multimedia information display

Diversified display to meet different service needs

Unique social component for commenting

Spread marketing service effect

Private message intelligent reminder

Improve service experience, enhance user stickiness, save notification costs, and bring more intelligent personalized services.

Customize function menu

Make interactive services easier

Document description
Development case
  • Micro lottery

    The activity promotion is carried out through the private message channel to realize the conversion of lottery purchase, and the user can be reminded of the winning situation by private message at the first time after the lottery is opened.

  • Beijing Metro

    You can query subway travel information by yourself, and quickly obtain service information according to fool guidance. Fans will also send a private message to remind them when the subway fails to operate.

  • Hongmi mobile phone

    On the Lantern Festival, fans were asked to guess riddles through fan service, and users who guessed correctly were given F codes. More than 170000 people participated in the interaction, and 1.4 million messages were exchanged 530 times more frequently.

  • Quick report of China Seismological Network

    Send private messages to subscribers as soon as possible after the earthquake.