Microblog payment access guide


Microblog payment opening strategy


Microblog payment application process

• Step 1: Complete Weibo authentication

• Step 2: Apply for Weibo payment access

    • Blue V, Orange V Application Weibo Payment Portal:
    • Fill in information
    • To apply for Weibo payment access, you need to fill in contact information, enterprise information, financial information, payment password and sign a service agreement.

• Step 3: Alipay account authorization

    • The authorization here requires the use of the enterprise Alipay account, and the company name of the enterprise Alipay account must be consistent with the company name filled in when opening Weibo payment.

• Step 4: pay the deposit

    • If you select T+0 account period, please pay the deposit according to the requirements prompted by the background.
    • If you select T+15 accounting period, this step will be skipped.

• Step 5: Receive a successful private message

    • So far, you have successfully opened the microblog payment merchant system, and the payment background function has been opened. Please download relevant documents according to the private message content of @ microblog payment.
Document update time: 2021-09-28