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Please ensure that you have fully read, understood and accepted all the contents of this agreement before you register as a user of this website, otherwise, you have no right to use this service. Once you select "Agree" and complete the user registration or have used the service, it is deemed that you agree to abide by all the provisions of this agreement and relevant agreements and rules. This agreement is applicable to the products and services of any Polytron network, including the upgrading and updating of any service used by users.

1. Service content and usage rules
1.1 This service refers to the data center infrastructure and related services provided by the company to users based on Haoyou Cloud, including but not limited to cloud computing services, physical server rental/hosting, and DDoS attack protection services. The specific service products and contents shall be subject to the relevant service rules applicable to the Haoyou Cloud service website and purchase of specific services, including but not limited to specific agreements, descriptions, introductions, etc.
1.2 In order to effectively protect your legitimate rights and interests in using this service, you must have understood and agreed to accept the following rules:
1.2.1 The Company has the right to unilaterally adjust, change or revise the relevant rules of the service, and such changes or modifications will take effect immediately after being publicized on the website. When you use this website or related services after such changes or modifications, you will be deemed to have accepted the latest revised version of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the latest revision of this agreement, do not continue to use this website or this service.
1.2.2 The service rules shall be subject to the prompt information on the specific page when you use the service. Your agreement and compliance with the service rules is the prerequisite for your use of the service.
1.2.3 The company will notify you of the service progress and the operations you should carry out by email, in station information and other means, but the company does not guarantee that you can receive or timely receive such email or notice, and the company will not bear any consequences for this. Therefore, during the service process, you should log on to this website in time to view and conduct relevant operations. Our company is not responsible for any dispute or loss caused by your failure to check or complete relevant operations in time.
1.2.4 Our company is a neutral provider of services such as data center infrastructure and related technical support services. When you use this service through the Haoyou Cloud service website, you may use products or services from a third party; When you choose to use such third-party products or services, you may also be bound by the agreement of the third party on its products or services. Based on your rights, obligations and responsibilities arising from the use of such third-party products or services, it is limited between you and the third party providing such products or services; And you understand or confirm that when using such third-party products or services, you will not commit any act in violation of this Agreement and the relevant agreements and rules of Haoyou Cloud or cause damage to the legitimate interests of the Company.
1.2.5 When you use this service, our company has the right to charge you service fees according to the corresponding service charging rules, including but not limited to relevant introductions, orders or relevant agreements. The company has the right to formulate and adjust the service charges. The specific service charges are subject to the amount of charges listed in the order and relevant agreements when you use the service; If you and the Company reach other written agreements at that time, the written agreement shall prevail.
1.2.6 When you violate relevant laws, regulations and/or this Agreement and relevant agreements and rules, our company has the right to choose to suspend or terminate the service for you in whole or in part.

2. Account registration and use
2.1 Before using this service, you must first register and obtain the account of this website (www.HaoYouYun. com) provided to you by our company (hereinafter referred to as "HaoYouYun" account), and you agree and guarantee that:
2.1.1 You should be a natural person, legal person or other organization with full capacity for civil rights and full capacity for civil conduct, and can bear corresponding legal liabilities according to relevant laws, regulations and the agreement.
2.1.2 The user information you filled in during registration should be true, accurate, complete and timely, and we can ensure that we can contact you through the contact information you filled in; If the data or information you provide is incorrect, inaccurate or untrue, Haoyouyun has the right to refuse or choose to suspend or terminate the service for you.
2.1.3 You shall be responsible for all consequences caused by the wrong or delayed update of your contact information provided to the Company, and the security and stability of your email address used to receive the Haoyouyun email, including but not limited to the termination, suspension, change or other consequences of the service caused by your failure to receive the relevant notice of Haoyouyun Losses.
2.1.4 If you are a legal person or other organization and you register through an authorized representative, the company will regard such authorized representative as your legal authorized person on the premise that you have provided the identity data and information required for registration; On the premise of reasonable attention, our company will not be responsible for reviewing the authenticity and consequences of such authorization, but we have the right to continue to require you to provide data and information related to authorization when we think it necessary or according to relevant laws and regulations and requirements of competent authorities.
2.1.5 The company recognizes your instructions through your user name and password. All operations you perform through your user name and password are regarded as your own operations and instructions and cannot be withdrawn or revoked. You should be responsible for the consequences of such operations and instructions performed by Haoyou Cloud based on the provision of services. Do not use temporary mailboxes, shared phone numbers and other mailboxes or phone numbers shared with others to register Haoyouyun website accounts. You shall bear the loss of account theft, data loss and other related legal liabilities due to the use of temporary mailboxes and shared phone numbers to register accounts. Please keep your user name and password properly and ensure correct and safe use. You shall bear the losses and relevant legal liabilities caused by password disclosure. Unless in accordance with legal provisions or judicial judgments and rulings, and with the consent of the Company, your registered Haoyouyun account is non transferable, non donable, and non inheritable, except for the property rights related to the Haoyouyun account. If you find that any person fraudulently uses or embezzles your account and password or uses them without legal authorization, you agree to immediately notify the Company in an effective manner and require the Company to suspend the relevant services related to the account. At the same time, you understand that our company needs a reasonable period of time to take action on your request, and we will not be responsible for the instructions that have been executed before taking the above actions and the losses caused to you.
2.2 The company fully respects the privacy of the user's personal information of Haoyouyun, will protect your user information in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations, and will abide by the principles of legality, legitimacy and necessity when collecting and using your user information. At the same time, our company promises that we will take appropriate security measures to protect your user information according to the mature security standards in the industry. You acknowledge and agree that once you agree to this agreement or use this service, you agree that the company will collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this agreement.

3. Your rights and responsibilities
3.1 You have the right to use your Haoyouyun account to log in to the Haoyouyun service website according to this agreement, use the Haoyouyun service you purchased, and obtain the technical support provided by Haoyouyun for such services. For details of the service, please refer to the relevant product introduction of Haoyouyun.
3.2 You must ensure that when you use the Haoyou Cloud service, you will comply with national and local laws and regulations, industry practices and social public ethics, and will not use the services provided by Haoyou Cloud to store, publish and disseminate the following information and content:
3.2.1 Any content (information) that violates national laws, regulations and policies;
3.2.2 Political propaganda and/or news information in violation of national regulations; Information involving state secrets and/or security;
3.2.3 Feudal superstition and/or obscene and pornographic information or information abetting crime;
3.2.4 Information violating national ethnic and religious policies; Information that hinders the security of Internet operation;
3.2.5 Information or content that infringes on the legitimate rights and interests of others or other information or content that is detrimental to social order, public security, and public morality, or links to these content and information;
3.2.6 Publish, transmit and disseminate unwelcome or unsolicited emails, electronic advertisements or emails containing obscene, pornographic and other harmful information.
3.3 You also promise that you will not provide any convenience for others to publish the above information content that does not comply with national laws, regulations, policies or the agreement, including but not limited to setting URL, BANNER link, etc.
3.4 You acknowledge that Haoyouyun has the right to terminate the provision of services to you and will not refund any money when you violate the above agreement. If you cause losses to Haoyouyun and a third party due to your above behaviors, you should compensate.
3.5 You respect the intellectual property rights and other legal rights of Haoyouyun and other third parties. Haoyouyun reserves the right to terminate the service provided to you and not return any money if you infringe upon the legal rights and interests of Haoyouyun and other third parties.
3.6 You must ensure that when using the Haoyou Cloud service, you shall not engage in, including but not limited to, the following behaviors, nor provide convenience for such behaviors:
3.6.1 Log in to an unauthorized or unauthorized account or server, and access or obtain unauthorized service data in any way;
3.6.2 Attempt to detect, scan or test vulnerabilities in any system, subsystem or network, and interfere, intercept or occupy any system, data or information data.
3.6.3 Tamper, intrude, modify or otherwise destroy or violate security authentication measures without proper authorization;
3.6.4 Interference with any user, host or network service, including but not limited to overload, "malicious data traffic", "mail bombing" or "crushing" of any computing system;
3.6.5 Any act of abusing the resources of Haoyou Cloud, including but not limited to transmitting any other similar software or program containing viruses, trojans, worms, time bombs, scavengers or other programs intended to destroy, disrupt or damage the system, website or service functions;
3.6.6 Any interference or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of any product or any part or function of Haoyouyun;
3.6.7 Use technology or other means to destroy and disrupt the websites and services of Haoyouyun and other users of Haoyouyun.
3.7 Since the server hard disk and storage device are mechanical objects, even in the hardware RAID10 environment, it cannot be guaranteed that 100% of them will be free of any failure. Therefore, you must be responsible for the data security in the server hard disk, and you must regularly back up the data;
3.8 Haoyou Cloud will not be liable for data loss caused by hardware failure or customer abuse, but should fully assist users to recover data and solve problems. If the customer data is lost due to the operational errors of the staff of Haoyou Cloud and other reasons, we will actively negotiate with the user to recover the data, and provide the user with a satisfactory compensation scheme depending on the specific situation.
3.9 If you use a non DDoS protection server product provided by our company, you are subject to frequent or large-scale DDoS attacks due to your business. You must agree that Haoyouyun has the right to choose to suspend account access, suspend or terminate the provision of services to you without refunding any money when you have the above behavior; If you cause losses to Haoyouyun and a third party due to your above behaviors, you should compensate.
3.10 You know and agree that if the Company finds on its own, according to the requirements of relevant regulatory authorities or complaints from relevant obligees, that you have violated relevant laws and regulations or the agreement on your obligations under this Agreement and relevant rules, the Company has the right to take one or more of the following measures when necessary, depending on the specific circumstances and relevant requirements:
3.10.1 You are required to delete and modify the content immediately;
3.10.2 Delete and screen relevant contents directly;
3.10.3 Suspend some or all services you use;
3.10.4 Terminate the service you use;
3.10.5 Terminate all cooperation. You shall bear the consequences and responsibilities caused thereby, and you shall compensate for the losses caused to Haoyouyun (including but not limited to the administrative penalties imposed on the Company by any administrative authority).

4. Rights and responsibilities of Good Cloud
4.1 Haoyouyun should provide you with qualified products, services and after-sales support according to the service you choose and the payment.
4.2 Haoyou Cloud provides operation and maintenance for the services it provides (including hardware, network, electricity, etc.). You should ensure the applicability, security and stability of your network and equipment. If you are unable to use the services under this agreement in whole or in part, or have an adverse impact on the services provided by Haoyou Cloud, You should bear your own responsibility and be liable for the losses caused by Haoyouyun. At the same time, this agreement does not affect the remedies that Haoyouyun enjoys according to other explicit agreements in this agreement or relevant laws and regulations.
4.3 Haoyou Cloud will maintain, upgrade, cut or migrate its service products when necessary. Before the above operations, Haoyou Cloud will notify you by email or website message. You should cooperate according to such notice. You should be responsible for any adverse consequences caused by your failure to cooperate with such maintenance, upgrade, cut or migration.
4.4 Haoyou Cloud promises to take external confidentiality measures for your business data and other information, not to disclose your information to a third party, and not to authorize a third party to use your business data and other information unless:
4.4.1 It shall be provided according to laws and regulations;
4.4.2 The administrative, judicial and other authorities require Haoyouyun to provide;
4.4.3 You agree to provide Haoyouyun to a third party;
4.4.4 It is submitted by Haoyouyun to solve the reported incident and file a lawsuit;
4.4.5 Haoyouyun must be submitted to take necessary and reasonable actions to prevent serious violations or suspected crimes.
4.5 Haoyouyun has the right to use your personal information because you provide more perfect and advanced services. You and Haoyou Cloud both know and agree that the data you use the Haoyou Cloud service to store, distribute and process in other ways belongs to your private business data (that is, "your business content"). Haoyou Cloud emphasizes the maximum protection of your business content. Without your authorization or the requirements of laws, regulations and relevant regulatory authorities, Haoyou Cloud cannot view, use or distribute your business content to third parties; According to your agreement with Haoyou Cloud, store your business content in the data center you selected. However, you also know and agree that during the service process of Haoyou Cloud, your business content may be migrated due to the needs of operation maintenance or upgrade. Such migration of your content and related data is necessary for the technical services provided by Haoyou Cloud, and does not constitute an infringement of your privacy and confidential information.
4.6 Haoyouyun has the right to directly deduct relevant service fees from your account balance according to the agreement and other relevant agreements and rules, and according to your use of the service. Haoyouyun has the right to directly deduct relevant service fees from your account balance according to the agreement and other relevant agreements and rules, and according to your use of the service.
4.7 Haoyouyun reserves the right to suspend your account access, suspend and terminate the provision of services to you and destroy resources and data in case you violate national and local laws and regulations or this Agreement and other relevant agreements and rules, and in any case, Haoyouyun is not responsible for any indirect, incidental, special and consequential damages.

5. Limitation of liability
5.1 If you cannot use the Service due to the following conditions of the Haoyou Cloud system, the Company shall promptly repair it by itself or in cooperation with other relevant institutions, but this does not constitute a breach of the Company, and the Company will not be liable for any loss caused to you (and/or a third party). Such conditions include but are not limited to:
5.1.1 During shutdown maintenance, such maintenance includes but is not limited to regular or irregular overhaul, maintenance and upgrading of the service platform or related equipment by the company; Data transmission cannot be carried out due to the failure of telecommunication equipment caused by the basic telecommunication operator, including but not limited to the technical adjustment of the telecommunication department, the destruction of telecommunication (and/or electric power) lines, and the installation, transformation and maintenance of telecommunication networks (and/or electric power resources) by the telecommunication (and/or electric power department);
5.1.2 The company's system is blocked from performing industry business due to force majeure factors, including but not limited to typhoon, earthquake, tsunami, flood and other natural disasters, power failure, strike, turmoil, war, terrorist attacks, government acts, the issuance and adjustment of relevant laws, regulations and policies, etc;
5.1.3 Due to network security accidents, such as hacker attacks, computer viruses or other malicious programs, the company's system is blocked and cannot perform business;
5.1.4 Service interruption or delay caused by banking system delay and other problems;
5.1.5 Other circumstances not due to the fault of the Company, beyond the control of the Company or reasonably foreseeable.
5.2 The Company shall bear corresponding responsibilities only within the scope of responsibilities listed in this Agreement.
5.3 The company only provides operation and maintenance for the Haoyou Cloud service itself. You should ensure that your equipment, network, etc. are safe, stable, and have the necessary conditions for launching the Haoyou Cloud service product. If the service you purchased cannot be provided, is delayed or causes defects in the service due to your failure to provide the above necessary conditions, The Company will not bear any liability or loss arising therefrom. In this case, the Company's responsibility for providing services is correspondingly delayed. If you cannot remove the obstacles caused by yourself within a reasonable period of time, the Company has the right to terminate this Agreement, and you shall compensate the Company for any losses caused thereby.
5.4 You agree that without gross negligence or fault of the Company, you are not responsible for the delay, error or omission of data transmission when you use the service and the losses caused thereby.
5.5 The company is not responsible for the losses of the third party (including but not limited to your end user) who indirectly receives the company's services through you.
5.6 Third party services (including but not limited to third-party applications provided based on the Haoyou Cloud service website) are directly provided to you by other natural persons, legal persons or other organizations. You shall bear the responsibilities and risks arising from your use of third-party services.
5.7 The company does not provide any intellectual property guarantee and quality guarantee for non company software. The company will not be liable for any loss directly or indirectly caused by such software.
5.8 To the extent permitted by law, the Company shall be responsible for any indirect, punitive, special and derivative losses (including business losses, loss of earnings, loss of profits or other losses of economic interests) related to or caused by this Agreement, no matter how they are generated, or whether they are caused by breach of this Agreement (including breach of warranty) or infringement, Neither of them has any responsibility.
5.9 Except as expressly agreed in this Agreement, in any case, the total amount of the Company's liability for breach of this Agreement shall not exceed the total amount of service fees charged to you this year.
5.10 You understand and agree that the Haoyou Cloud service is provided according to the current situation of the existing technology and conditions. The Company cannot guarantee that the services provided are flawless; Therefore, even if the services provided by our company have defects, if the above defects cannot be avoided by the industry's technical level at that time, they will not be deemed as our breach of contract. You agree to negotiate with our company to find solutions to the above problems.

6. Transaction
6.1 Unless otherwise agreed in some products and service rules of Haoyouyun, all services of Haoyouyun are in the form of prepayment. You should pay the amount listed in the order or other agreements in full and in time to ensure the smooth use of the service.
6.2 If your service is suspended due to your failure to renew the product service in a timely manner within 3 days, the company has the right to immediately terminate your product service after the expiration of such period and destroy all the resources and data. Once the destruction is started, it cannot be recovered.
6.3 Based on the needs of market changes, promotion strategies and business adjustment, Haoyouyun has the right to adjust the sales price or activity price of products and services regularly or irregularly. When the sales price of products and services changes, it only applies to new orders, and cannot be applied to any existing orders or services in use. Haoyouyun reserves the right to modify the product system and sales price at any time without notifying users.

7. Refund policy
7.1 The company wholeheartedly provides the best service and fully respects your right to choose whether to accept the service. You must know and agree that if the products and services you use include a fixed service period and unilaterally request to terminate cooperation before the expiration of such fixed service period, you must apply within the applicable products and refund period specified in this policy before refunding. Some products have different refund policies or requirements, and some of them cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
7.2 During the refund period, you can cancel the product at any time, but only if you request a refund from the customer service of Haoyouyun within the specified time range (if any) for the following products ("transaction date" refers to the date of purchase of any product or service or acceptance of any renewal):
7.2.1 Refund period of virtual machine (including the exclusive version of virtual machine, enterprise virtual machine, PHP virtual machine, etc.): within 3 days after the transaction date.
7.2.2 Refund period of cloud computing services (including ECS and other related products): within 24 hours after the transaction date.
7.3 The following products and services cannot be refunded, but you can continue to use them until the fixed service period expires:
7.2.1 Domain name products;
7.2.2 Physical server leasing
7.2.3 Advanced anti DDoS products
7.2.4 Any product that has obtained and used promotional, special, preferential, free and other preferential measures;
7.2.5 Any product other than the refundable products listed in this refund policy.
7.4 If you need a refund when you first purchase the products and services of Haoyouyun, the money will be returned to your payment source account; When you purchase the products and services of Haoyouyun for the second time and many times, if you need a refund, the money will be returned to your website account of Haoyouyun, which can be used for purchase, renewal and other consumption of other services of Haoyouyun.
7.5 If you make provocative, abusive, offensive, rude or threatening behavior to the staff of Haoyouyun, our company will issue a warning. If the customer does not stop such behavior, your account, products and services may be suspended or terminated without refund, and any consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you.
7.6 If you encounter network failure, service failure and other problems during the use of this service, and without consulting and communicating with the staff of Haoyouyun, you make any behavior that damages the goodwill of Haoyouyun, including but not limited to public posting, slander, libel and threatening to sue, your account, products and services may be suspended Termination or deletion without refund, any consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by you, and you shall compensate for any losses caused to Haoyouyun.

8. Protection of intellectual property
8.1 Unless otherwise agreed in this agreement, based on your use of the service, the intellectual property rights and ownership of the software and technical materials from third parties you use still belong to the third party suppliers, and you shall not delete, modify or hide any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights statements contained in the relevant software provided by any third party.
8.2 Based on your use of this service, you guarantee that the software you use is legally authorized or owned, and does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. If you violate this article, our company has the right to terminate all or part of your services in accordance with this article and other relevant provisions of this agreement. You shall be responsible for the loss of the Company and/or the third party caused thereby.
8.3 This clause shall continue to be effective for all parties to this agreement after the termination of this agreement.

9. Confidentiality Agreement
9.1 Both parties agree that the disclosure of confidential information is limited to Haoyou Cloud and you and partners and employees who need to know, and shall not be disclosed to a third party (including individuals, legal persons or other entities) without prior written consent, unless the information has entered the public domain, or the receiving party obtains it through a third party without any confidentiality obligation, or cooperates with existing laws and regulations. "Confidential Information" means:
9.1.1 Confidential materials of Haoyou Cloud: business methods, policies, procedures, technologies, research or development projects, sales and financial information of Haoyou Cloud;
9.1.2 Users' confidential information: users' business content, procedures, technologies, research or development projects, payment and financial information, as well as all data and private data stored in the products and services of Haoyou Cloud.

10. Agreement application
10.1 This agreement will come into effect immediately after you choose "Agree" on the Haoyouyun service website (the specific procedures specified on the registration and shopping cart pages shall prevail), and the validity period is the entire cooperation period of both parties. Unless otherwise agreed in this agreement or otherwise agreed in writing by both parties, this agreement will continue to be valid during your use of this service.
10.2 If you have any questions and opinions about the contents of this agreement and service operation, you can contact us through customer service or sales personnel.