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Cooperate with partners to deepen the local layout and create an absolute advantage in the southeast market


Southeast Asia is called an emerging Internet economy. Haoyou Cloud has already launched Southeast Asia has set up branches, professional local operation and maintenance service teams, operation data centers and advanced prevention and cleaning centers , always to meet customer needs as the ultimate goal, providing one-stop solutions from server building, data synchronization to network connection and defense.

In the emerging digital economy, Haoyou Cloud helps domestic and foreign enterprises to realize network connectivity by virtue of its own technical service advantages.

At the same time, it has carried out business collaboration with important operators in important regions of Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines PLDT, Provide customers with the latest products and services and a more secure and stable network, reducing language communication barriers and management costs, Together, we will help customers deepen their efforts in the Southeast Asian market, so that they can gain the ability to face future business at the global level.

"Since Haoyou Cloud has become an Internet service provider that takes into account both localization and internationalization, in order to provide customers with better network connection services, cooperation with local telecom operators has always been a major part of our business operations." Steven, head of Haoyou Cloud's international sales department, said.

The relevant person in charge of PLDT also said: "PLDT and IKG share the same business philosophy, which has enabled the two parties to achieve rapid and in-depth cooperation and development in the Southeast Asian market. At the same time, IKG has also helped PLDT penetrate into the Chinese market and customers, promoting our understanding and service quality."

In the future, Haoyou Cloud will continue to focus on the overseas local market. The rich technical and operational experience accumulated over the years of development will continue to be exported. Solutions such as games, video, finance, SD-WAN, and hybrid cloud will also be further implemented in the Southeast Asian market to provide high-quality local services for domestic and foreign enterprises.