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Do network attacks require you to "fight alone"? Connect back!


In recent years, Internet value applications such as games, online videos and live broadcasts have continued to explode, and more than 80% of application service providers have suffered from network attacks such as DDoS, fraud extortion and data leakage to some extent. DDoS attacks are easy to implement, difficult to prevent and difficult to track due to network technology sharing and low cost, and become one of the most common network security problems.

The harm of DDoS attacks is increasing day by day. High traffic attacks above 300G are common, and Tb level attacks frequently emerge, resulting in huge losses such as enterprise website downtime, server paralysis, brand image damage, and customer loss.

(If someone attacks you, turn back!)

We can rest assured that the anti denial of service attack algorithm independently developed by Haoyou Cloud and the protection strategy based on IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP, HTTP and many other protocol types can effectively defend against SYN Flood, NTP reflection, SSDP reflection and other large traffic attacks, while achieving fine-grained CC defense.

The global defense system is Haoyouyun Highlights of, Haoyouyun It operates several super large traffic cleaning centers in key markets on all continents, has T+level defense capabilities, provides IDC defense, advanced anti IP, cloud defense and other products to provide enterprises with high-quality "distributed near source protection" against DDoS attacks in all regions of the world.

Yudun IDC defense:

Local IDC defense products. Rapid deployment without changing the customer's network topology. When all kinds of attacks are detected, the system can respond in seconds, direct the attack traffic to the firewall of the computer room for cleaning with a very low delay, and then inject it back to the server after cleaning. At the same time, it can ensure that BGP multi line access to the lines of telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom or foreign operators.

Yudun advanced anti DDoS IP:

By using advanced anti DDoS IP services, users can pull attack traffic to the cleaning center to ensure the stability and reliability of the origin station. It also uses a multi-level cluster architecture and a multi-level defense system to form a super anti D cluster to deliver the cleaned traffic to the customer origin station.

Yudun Cloud Defense:

The source station traffic is taken over through DNS (CNAME), and the dispatch center uniformly schedules all access traffic. Nearby and optimal advanced anti DDoS nodes are used to clean attack traffic from different sources, and the cleaned clean traffic is sent to the user source station through the Layer 7 forwarding system.

Yudun's self-developed products are aimed at game, website and live broadcast users whose businesses are frequently attacked, Haoyouyun It also launched a general defense solution, which is applicable to multiple business scenarios such as finance, e-commerce, medical, public sector, and large enterprises.

So here comes the point. What are the values and benefits?

1. Safe and smooth network environment, with data flow undisturbed, Increase traffic revenue ;

2. The defense value can be flexibly deployed according to the attack situation of the business, and can be used immediately after every second, Improve the price performance ratio of servers ;

3. The bandwidth resources are sufficient. You can choose advanced anti DDoS resources and bandwidth parameters to ensure service response and network speed, Improve user experience ;

4. There is no need for jump verification, and the attacked situation can be solved quickly and effectively Business is always online ;

It is worth mentioning that, Haoyouyun Realized automated security operation services integrating security prevention, threat detection, investigation response and active defense, and helped users fully understand security risks through the self-service platform; Based on the attack chain, backtracking the attack process helps users make quick response decisions, ensure that normal business is not affected, and realize automatic active defense.

High quality security defense services have built an iron wall for nearly 1000 customers around the world to fight against DDoS attacks in various regions of the world and ensure the stability and smoothness of customers' global business.