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Don't miss the breakthrough of audio and video in the Red Sea


The year 2020 is the year of the outbreak of audio and video. From e-commerce live broadcast to online education, from game live broadcast to sports events, from video watching to voice phone, audio and video quickly swept across the country and even the world.

During this period, we not only saw the myth of some phenomenal online celebrities' single live broadcast with goods, but also witnessed the convenience brought by online education and remote office during the epidemic, and more experienced the happiness and ease of watching videos at home and chatting with friends by voice.

Behind the endless business opportunities of audio and video, how can enterprises successfully break through the red sea?


Audio and video technology for convenient life


In the past, offline business took at least 1-2 hours. After audio and video are integrated into all aspects of life, we can combine offline and online, reduce costs, improve efficiency and make our life more convenient. However, there are also some problems such as the inability to interact between students and teachers in online classes, inefficient customer service text communication, high delay in second kill shopping, and the inability to smoothly load and unload the live video link. Haoyouyun provides audio and video solutions for this.

Real time audio-video TRTC focuses on the solution of multi player audio-video call and low latency interactive live broadcast that is interconnected across the whole platform. The live stream pushed by the streaming SDK is used for live transcoding, intelligent processing, and video distribution, and then distributed to the terminal through the CDN distribution node to play the SDK, playing high-definition and low latency content for the audience; At the same time, you can also manage live broadcast activities in the customer system through the API interface, and query relevant statistical data.

Cloud on-demand can upload video source files to audio and video storage management through local upload/URL, pull/API, upload/Web, SDK/short video, SDK/live recording and other methods, and conduct multi rate transcoding, screenshots, encryption, watermark addition, audit and other processing for videos. The processed video files can be processed through Haoyouyun CDN nodes all over the world complete accelerated distribution.


Network and bandwidth accelerate audio and video growth


The mutual support of network and bandwidth can help the rapid growth of the audio and video industry. be based on Haoyouyun Deploy the global backbone network formed by 20+Tier3 data centers around the world to provide enterprises with quality assurance of global high-speed audio and video connection, so that enterprises' audio and video applications have the characteristics of ultra-low latency, anti weak network, high concurrency, high availability, perfect compatibility with various terminal devices, etc.

Based on the above technologies, enterprises can achieve:

adopt Haoyouyun The interaction between different products can easily and quickly combine real-time audio and video TRTC with instant messaging IM, cloud live broadcast CSS, cloud on-demand VOD and other cloud products to expand more business scenarios.


Cost optimization reduces cost and increases efficiency for enterprises


At the same time, considering that the user and policy dividends gradually peaked, resulting in the high cost of enterprises, Haoyouyun It also provides cost optimization solutions for enterprises, makes full use of the edge computing storage capacity and the overall network idle bandwidth, and combines audio and video SaaS services to improve the working efficiency of the server and reduce its pressure. Even without changing the server and bandwidth, users can still access the website at a faster speed, and improve the speed of download, on-demand, and live broadcast, In order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.

As an underlying tool, audio and video are enabling more industries. In addition to online education, social networking, online customers, emergency command, alarm, medical care, corporate office, video on demand and other industries, it is also expected to continue to promote fitness yoga, sports games Traditional industries have become new growth points of audio and video.