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[Important Notice] ★ Illegal use of virtual machine/server is prohibited ★


Application Guide
1、 All hosts and post offices are strictly prohibited from spam, and spam content is not allowed to contain the space or domain name applied by our company.
2、 All host customers shall strictly comply with the Interim Provisions of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Computer Information Networks and International Networking, the Administrative Provisions on Internet Electronic Announcement Service and other relevant network policies and regulations issued by the State Council. "Beauty pictures", "political discussions", "websites with sex products, sex content and pornography", "gambling and gaming websites, hackers and other websites that occupy system resources will be closed directly without refunds. It is prohibited to use our server to send spam and mailing lists!
be careful : Users of our virtual machines, rented servers and managed servers are strictly prohibited from playing illegal lottery gambling such as lottery and illegal lottery, and illegal content such as gambling, horse gambling, viruses, fishing, trojans, reactionary, pornographic, fraud, spam, etc. Once found, report to the public security department for handling, and never reopen the space or host. Please comply with national laws and regulations, Use the server legally.