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What happened during the night? Let customers do this


In the middle of the night, I was suddenly awakened by a sudden ringing. After receiving the call, the Philippine customer eagerly described that the reading and writing of business data was slow, which had affected the production environment, and hoped that the staff could handle it as soon as possible.

Without delay, wake up the technical experts in the Philippines, ask the customer about the business architecture layout in detail, analyze the possible problems, develop a variety of solutions and steps and immediately start to implement them.

The customer is located in the Philippines, which is a typical hybrid cloud architecture. The core database Redis+MySQL is in IDC, and the front-end application is in the cloud. Haoyou Cloud currently provides customers with cloud services, IDC services and cloud leased line services based on the global backbone network.

Step 1

Troubleshooting Cloud Private Line Problems

Technical experts send data and write requests from the cloud. After IDC receives the data, it returns success without writing to the database. If the ping value is less than 3ms, there is no problem. This eliminates the problem of high-speed channel connection between the cloud and IDC. It can be basically confirmed that the problem is the customer's application layer or database. However, the customer is very worried because the production environment has been affected. Our technical experts continue to help the customer analyze and troubleshoot the problem.

Step 2

Troubleshooting application layer problems

When the program is started, technical experts open up memory, write a large amount of data, and send a read request on the cloud. IDC reads the data from memory to return, but does not get it from the database. The cloud output time is less than 3ms. The application layer reading is OK, and the basic problem is locked in the database. Our technical experts continue to help customers test the database reading and writing for free.

Step 3

Troubleshooting database reading

The technical experts immediately verified in the database environment, wrote a program to read data from the database, and found that the reading speed was fast and there was no problem. In this way, the problem is basically locked in database writing.

Step 4

Confirm Database Write Bottleneck

Verify on the database environment again. Write a piece of data to load the data. It is found that the writing is very slow. So far, the failure point has been verified and confirmed.

Finally, we communicated deeply with the customer, analyzed the process and architecture of the entire program, and found the bottleneck. After reading and writing Redis+MySQL, the customer problem was solved.

Many enterprises believe that the cause of game stuttering is server or network problems, but this is only a relatively broad concept. The causes of game stuttering include the player's local network, false blocking of firewall, low server configuration, server being attacked, game architecture problems, unstable computer room network, low application layer version, etc.

When the business network encounters problems, it is the way for enterprises to minimize losses to analyze the problems in time and solve them professionally. Haoyouyun Just take both into consideration, not only have 24-hour technical experts and operation and maintenance personnel stationed overseas and locally, but also respond to business needs in seconds, and 90% of the needs are solved within 30 minutes; It also has professional network building ability and network analysis ability, which can build intranet level hybrid cloud, realize rapid and flexible expansion, and easily respond to holiday and activity peak requests.

Haoyouyun It is committed to helping enterprises better carry out digital transformation and realize more business value in the cloud era, and becomes the most trusted provider of hybrid cloud management platform for enterprises.