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"Visiting on duty" telecommuting -- how can we ensure the stable operation of customer business


In order to jointly fight against the epidemic, data show that nearly 200 million people in China work at home.

Once, Xiaobian naively thought that remote work was:

Get up at half past eight in the morning and make yourself a nutritious breakfast;

No makeup, no changing clothes, apply a delicate mask;

Sitting in front of the elaborately arranged desk, I held a cup of ice American style in my left hand, stroked the mouse with my right hand, and then started to work.

According to my online survey, this is actually the case for telecommuting:

Yujie Sales

More than one person who works at home can't occupy the study, so he can occupy his daughter's desk. The pink toys give Luo Li the illusion, but customers who communicate online should not think so.

Snacks are always available on the desk. When communicating with customers in depth, we can ensure a continuous flow of energy and find the core pain points of customers.

Just like boyfriends and girlfriends, we must ensure that we communicate with customers in an absolutely quiet environment to win customers' hearts. It is not important whether children run or jump. The quiet bathroom is the best place to work.

Cute Girl Customer Service

There is a dog in the family who always wants to earn money for the owner to support the family. You may not be able to tell whether you are chatting with a cute sister or a cute dog.

I wonder if the little sister who works at home has just finished a drink to refresh her mind, enhance communication and promote relations.

Those who have a pass are free! It's really a good customer service for a big game to have the opportunity to go out and breathe but still choose to sit at the computer desk.

Straight Man Technique

The cat never delayed the owner from working on the cabinet, but he told Xiaobian a secret that his owner was originally tapping code on the small pink table in the upper right corner.

Dual screen display is the best state for programmers. Wherever you go with dual screen display, you can know my career at a glance.

With a sense of ritual, remote office also needs to be a sophisticated pig programmer.

Funny Brothers

There is no leader, but also a son who supervises the work around, and the efficiency is excellent.

Even if there is only a small corner that can be used, it can be cleaned up. You can never tell that this is a table.

Cartons that were not thrown years ago are now of great use, and there is no sense of discord when they are built into desks.

Normal Office

Do you guess that beautiful girls or beautiful boys work in such a clean and tidy office environment?

After experiencing this Spring Festival, I found that

Anywhere can become the main battlefield of our work

Wherever you are,

In any way,

As long as the customer has a problem, we will solve it at the first time;

As long as the customer has demand, we will arrange it at the first time;

As long as the customer has an order, we will implement it as soon as possible;

At any time, Haoyou Cloud will always provide high-quality products and best services. It has 150+network operation and maintenance personnel, including 30+CCIE/HCIE certified experts, and provides 7 * 24 global bilingual technical support to ensure that the average response time of customer needs is less than 5 minutes, 90% of fault handling is less than 30 minutes, and the average delivery time of customer business is less than 120 minutes.

We are always ready, looking forward to your call and consultation!

Finally, I hope that when you work at home, you can do a good job on your hands, serve customers well, and still pay attention to health protection, so as not to give viruses any chance.

Working at home is also a contribution to the country. In the special period, we should take responsibility in our way, work hard, and create value for customers and society with our attitude of struggle.