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Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement SD-WAN global networking scheme becomes a new driving force for the growth of new retail enterprises


"New retail" is the most popular commercial vocabulary at present. Based on the existing network connection means such as mobile Internet and Internet, new retail integrates big data, cloud computing and distributed terminals to realize the comprehensive interconnection of transaction links, and build an omni channel customer shopping experience integrating store interconnection, inventory revitalization, business efficiency improvement, financial transactions and shopping guide drive. Under this real-time internet, goods, enterprises, users and services will be seamlessly integrated to finally realize the digital transformation of retail, reduce transaction costs and speed up response.

The emergence of the "new retail" format is greatly impacting the traditional physical retail industry. Retail enterprises are eager to complete the digital and intelligent transformation, but how to plan the network, the foundation of this transformation? It has become the first problem that most retail enterprises need to solve.

Taking a leading global chain retail brand as an example, the chain retail enterprise has more than 100 stores in Southeast Asia, mainly distributed in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries and regions. It needs the interconnection between stores, headquarters, and stores to ensure the safe and fast transmission of daily interactive business.

With the rapid growth of the number of stores, the current physical private line+IPSec VPN access mode has the problems of long delivery cycle and high interconnection costs; The real-time interactive data transmission congestion of key businesses such as daily monitoring video, shipment, inventory, turnover between each store and the headquarters and between each store seriously affects the efficient development of business; The number of branches is large and scattered, and it is difficult to implement delivery. A large amount of costs are consumed more than equipment procurement costs. Most branches do not have IT personnel, and problems need to be handled remotely by the headquarters. The recovery cycle is long and the response speed is slow.

How is the retail industry solution of Haoyou Cloud specifically applied in chain enterprises?


1. Adopt SD-WAN intelligent networking mode, connect the headquarters and stores through special equipment, plug and play, and quickly connect the network of stores;

2. Deploy virtualized VPN gateway and multi-point access Haoyouyun Global backbone network, reduce network delay, avoid packet loss, and realize fast data transmission between headquarters and branches;

3. QoS guarantee for key business applications, which ensures that key applications have the best link available at any time through application priority division and traffic load balancing;

4. The transmission link adopts a variety of encryption algorithms to build a complete set of "automated security operation system" integrating risk discovery, risk response and risk management, which can not only monitor threats, but also solve security problems with one click, reduce the cost of enterprise security operation and maintenance, form a security protection matrix of the system, and ensure the security of transmission data;

5. Use on demand, elastic billing, and automatic deployment greatly reduce the installation and use costs, and make network expansion more efficient and rapid;

6. Provide 7 * 24 hours bilingual technical support, localized on-site operation and maintenance services, and 0 OPEX operation and maintenance.

After the solution is successfully deployed, the headquarters and stores of the chain retail enterprise The interconnection cost is reduced by 70%, the IT operation and maintenance cost is reduced by 80%, and the daily operation efficiency is improved by 20%.

It is worth mentioning that, Haoyouyun In the retail industry, we not only innovate and improve our product capabilities, but also provide users with a complete set of one-stop services from the enterprise's network architecture design and solutions to the network's operation and maintenance deployment and after-sales service. Dedicated customer service personnel, technical managers and professional operation and maintenance personnel provide professional guidance and support, helping enterprises to connect more efficiently and achieve a better future of new retail.