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Choose Youyun large bandwidth server, and instantly have four major values and benefits


Many people ask when renting various servers:

How much bandwidth does my business need to configure?

The size of bandwidth will seriously affect the access experience of the end customer, while limiting the responsiveness of the server. This article explains the Haoyou Cloud large bandwidth server rental product, and welcomes you to try it (there are benefits at the end of the article).

Common Scenarios

1. All websites and platforms are tested by peak traffic, and users' access is impeded due to insufficient bandwidth, video images are severely stuck, and customer experience is extremely poor;

2. When a large number of users log in at the same time, the server cannot bear more traffic, and the transmission efficiency is reduced. If the delay is light, the packets will be lost and dropped;

3. When the user accesses from different types of devices or mobile terminals, due to different network quality, network delay and other phenomena are likely to occur.


Haoyouyun Provide exclusive solutions for the above case problems:

1. TB bandwidth resource reserve: The single server has strong hardware expansion capability, which can be expanded to 10G at most. It has terabyte bandwidth resource reserves, selects high-quality bandwidth from local operators in all regions of the world, and provides highly available, multi type, cost-effective exclusive bandwidth access for most application scenarios;

2. Dynamic BGP network: Solve the global user network interworking and reduce network delay. The network between different operators can achieve the fastest access. All the backbone routing equipment of the network operator will judge the best route to the IP segment of the customer's computer room, so as to ensure high-speed access of users from different network operators;

3. Load balancing: Distribute user traffic to enterprise key application servers and other key task servers to achieve horizontal expansion, and automatically expand with elastic scaling to increase throughput. Intelligent traffic management meets the best load balancing requirements;

4. Local operation and maintenance: It provides 7 * 24 * 365 global bilingual technical support in Chinese and English. The 150 person network operation and maintenance team distributed in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions provides on-site operation and maintenance services, including more than 30 CCIE/HCIE certified experts, to ensure that more than 90% of businesses respond within 5 minutes and failures are handled within 30 minutes.

Applicable industries

In view of the above problems, Haoyouyun The server rental product designed for the customer's business needs a lot of bandwidth - overseas large bandwidth servers, which is mainly applicable to the customer's business types: Live video, games, data transmission, smart medicine, distance education, software download, online music and other industries

Value and income

1. It can support a large number of online users at the same time, It can prevent network congestion and resource depletion, without jamming and delay, Greatly improve user access experience;

two Network worry free operation and maintenance management, enjoy overseas resident services, No language barrier, save operation and maintenance costs, and can focus more on the global exhibition industry;

three Agile network deployment capability, Respond to changes at any time;

4.  Can stack DDoS defense services to improve network security The business has developed healthily and steadily for a long time.

Users can make reasonable choices based on their own business scale, Haoyouyun After eight years of hard work in the server leasing industry, I have been very professional in terms of bandwidth resources, network quality, after-sales and operation and maintenance. According to the customer's industry and business characteristics, needs and budget, the server rental scheme can be customized to achieve integrated delivery and O&M 0 OPEX.