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[Server rental/hosting] Committed to the server rental market of small and medium-sized enterprises


In the context of the development of social and economic informatization, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are aware of the powerful power of informatization, and using the low cost and high efficiency of e-commerce to conduct online trade has become the first choice of small and medium-sized enterprises for a while. More and more small and medium-sized enterprises have joined the ranks of e-commerce.

With the popularity of "3G", "tri networks integration", "cloud computing" and other concepts, the influx of gold seekers has made China's IDC industry achieve unprecedented development! In 2011, the annual transaction volume of IDC services has also reached 13 billion yuan. IDC is not only a small technology that provides servers and proxy hosts for others, but also a service provider that provides deeper and more necessary services for businesses, enterprises, the Internet and other demanders.

At present, IDC service providers have begun to enter the integration period, from the original single IDC service to the one-stop service from domain name registration to website technical support and services. What IDC service providers need to think about now is how to better provide enterprises with better technical support, faster network speed, and more stable bandwidth. More and more enterprises, the criteria for choosing IDC service providers are not only limited to price comparison, but also pay more attention to whether the enterprise is well known, whether the computer room is regular, whether the bandwidth is sufficient, and whether the network is stable.

As a leader in the IDC industry, we have long been in the forefront of industry reform. After two years of research and development, we launched a fully automated IDC business customization website, which set a precedent in the domestic IDC industry and realized the integration of large platforms from front-end customization processes to back-end application delivery.

We have always been committed to serving customers. Each machine room has two 7X24 hour on-site service teams stationed. The newly upgraded server rental channel provides more than 20 kinds of server rental product lines from low to high to meet the different business needs of different enterprises.