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The opportunity of "riding the wind and waves" comes, 500 million krypton gold players in Southeast Asia are waiting for you to win


According to the latest data from Niko Partners, the total output value of Southeast Asia's game market in 2019 was $4.3 billion, up 17.4% year on year. Among them, the output value of Southeast Asia's mobile games was nearly $3 billion, up 13.5% year on year, making it the fastest growing mobile game region in the world.

SensorTower 2020 Q1 Southeast Asia mobile game revenue ranking shows that 13 of the top 20 mobile games come from China. Because of the convergence with Southeast Asia in region, culture and aesthetics, China mobile games dominate the best seller list in Southeast Asia market.

Rita, the director of marketing&BD of Haoyouyun, said in the event "Going to Sea with" Best Buy "and Strategies for Mobile Game Promotion and Realization: "Based on eight years of experience in Southeast Asian services, Haoyou Cloud has accumulated comprehensive technical advantages from the underlying infrastructure and upper application services. Based on user needs and pain points, it has opened up domestic and foreign ecological resources, helped domestic game companies/publishers enter the Southeast Asian market, reduced enterprise operating costs, improved enterprise efficiency, and effectively improved liquidity."

Focusing on Southeast Asia, opportunities and challenges coexist

Southeast Asia is another market with 500 million consumers after China, Europe and the United States. It is also one of the regions with the fastest Internet penetration, the longest online time per capita, active pan entertainment applications and the largest number of young consumers. Take the Philippines as an example. Generally, 23 year old young people in Southeast Asia are naturally enthusiastic, crazy about entertainment, and follow the consumption habit of "no saving, no buying, no spending when you get paid".

Pan entertainment applications are very popular among young people in Southeast Asia. Therefore, Southeast Asia has become the world's four largest Internet user markets, with an annual user growth rate of 13% and a high degree of participation in mobile games. However, the per capita GDP of Southeast Asia is only about 3000 US dollars, and the disposable per capita income is not high. How to stimulate and promote these game players to become game consumers has become one of the problems to be solved by game companies/publishers.

How can mobile travel companies go deep into the Southeast Asian market and achieve maximum development in the demographic dividend period of Southeast Asia? Rita, director of Haoyou Cloud Market&BD, said: "Due to the huge dividends, game companies/publishers do not understand the local network operation, cannot obtain high-quality resources in time, and overseas service providers do not communicate well and respond in a timely manner, which has caused many game companies to be" acclimatized "after going abroad. Any delay and jitter will greatly dampen the enthusiasm of players and bring great challenges to Chinese game enterprises to explore overseas markets. However, with its experience in Southeast Asia and local operation and maintenance advantages, Haoyou Cloud has provided perfect solutions for many game enterprises/developers. "

Essential elements of game operation: excellent technology and local services

The overseas network environment is complex, and if the technology and service support are insufficient, it is difficult for game enterprises to truly establish themselves. Rita said, "In response to the growing market demand, Haoyou Cloud, based on its 8-year leading technical capabilities, uses high-quality and highly available data center resources, and is based on a globally unified standardized network, to build a backbone network covering Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe with a radius of 20 ms."

Rita added: "At present, Haoyou Cloud has a reserve of T+level large bandwidth international backbone networks and a global delivery capability to accelerate the game" without borders "; Intelligent network arrangement and scheduling are adopted to reduce delay and improve stability; Interconnect the intranet of local operators to avoid settlement delay between public networks; Multiple backup and highly redundant network lines can cope with sudden network failures and sudden increase in traffic. "

In addition, Haoyouyunyu has set up branches in Singapore and the Philippines to deeply explore the Southeast Asian market, which can help game enterprises/publishers quickly deploy, rapidly expand, and provide adequate network support services. At the same time, it provides a global time difference free service system to respond to customer needs 24 hours a day. More than 150 CCIE/HCIE certified experts, operation and maintenance personnel and customer service personnel provide 7 * 24 * 365 hours of online bilingual support, respond to business needs within 5 minutes, and 90% of business is processed within 30 minutes to build global local service differentiation advantages.

Save the hardest hit areas from cyber attacks and extortion

The security problem is often a fatal blow to the game shipping enterprises/developers, and the game industry is often the hardest hit area for network attacks. DDoS has caused game companies/publishers huge losses such as game downtime, server paralysis, brand image damage, and even direct economic losses such as extortion. As a large number of enterprises go overseas to expand their business, the overseas DDoS threat also increases significantly.

Rita said: "Based on Anycast technology and relying on more than ten years of self-developed business security practice, Haoyou Cloud has created a security product integrating DDoS and defense: Yudun IDC defense, Yudun advanced defense IP, and Yudun Cloud defense. It has achieved global near source cleaning to counter DDoS attacks in all regions of the world."

At present, Haoyou Cloud has built six super flow cleaning centers in key regions around the world, which can support the T-level "infinite anti" game shield service at the highest level, and can effectively resist D-defense and C-defense, flood, reflection, slow, CC and other types of attacks.

Haoyou Cloud has 150+high-quality nodes in the world, and its service covers 300+users on all continents. It has built an infrastructure service network across four continents with more than 70 partners around the world. For the offshore market, Haoyouyun will focus on user needs, focus on building a full cycle solution for offshore games, and steer the new direction of technology and services. At the same time, we will open up and connect with the new ecology, connect domestic and overseas game players with the world's top game experience, and increase efficiency for game companies/publishers.