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You and I will go together on the way to fight the epidemic


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After sales working hours are not special. The customer's server and business are running all the time. We also need to provide services all the time


When the relevant person in charge of after-sales service of Haoyouyun said this to Xiaobian, he just helped the customer solve a technical problem.


According to his statistics, in the three weeks since the outbreak of the epidemic, the average number of work orders processed per week is still nearly 1000, higher than the number of daily work orders processed. In order to ensure the fastest response speed and processing time, and always respond to customer needs, after-sales personnel never forget to stare at the mobile phone screen when going to the toilet, doing housework, and coaxing babies, and never miss every message from customers, Ensure that the average response time of the work order is less than 5 minutes, and the average processing time is less than 30 minutes


The sudden epidemic campaign has made the whole country an important battlefield. The school delayed classes and the enterprise delayed work measures were introduced one after another, and online application scenarios such as SOHO office and distance education mode were deepened in people's lives. The importance of data center as an infrastructure supporting cloud computing, smart city and other signs of the digital economy era has undoubtedly been revealed in this epidemic.


The relevant person in charge of the resource department just experienced an accident that took more than 2 hours Multi party online conference , Haoyou Cloud's procurement, sales, products, resources and customer service met together, Sort out and confirm the existing global resource inventory. According to statistics, there were more than 500 servers on the shelves according to customer demand in a single day yesterday.


Under the epidemic situation, Haoyouyun has overcome many problems caused by office location and office hours. It has always maintained its high-quality service level and business ability, and hopes to become a strong backing for customers to overcome difficult times.


Haoyou Cloud will continue to pay attention to the changes of the epidemic, put customers first, take appropriate measures, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and ensure timely response to customer needs and normal business operation. In the face of the epidemic, we will still provide 7 * 24 * 365 global high-quality Internet services to escort the business of enterprises and partners!


No matter how hard it is, it can't destroy Wuhan's determination to win;

No matter how difficult or urgent it is, we also firmly believe in the confidence of medical staff to defend their lives;

No matter how urgent or dangerous it is, the whole country should be united,

We will overcome difficulties and bless China together!