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Can you break the situation in the era of national live broadcasting?


Live broadcast scenes such as appreciation interaction between viewers and anchors, transaction feedback between buyers and promotional flash sales, celebration moments between viewers and event dynamics, question and answer communication between students and teachers. Enterprises need to ensure high flow, low jam, and low latency viewing experience, which requires resource coverage, scheduling, emergency protection Prepare for fast traffic migration.

High quality network is the foundation of live broadcast service

To ensure the bandwidth burst of any live broadcast, Haoyou Cloud needs to achieve three capabilities. The first is full link acceleration. A high-speed interconnection channel is built through local streaming to ensure the real-time smoothness of anchor signals across the country. Packet compression technology is used to improve transmission efficiency; The second is nearby access, which can intelligently identify local live broadcast, local live broadcast, etc. Through edge computing nodes all over the world, users can request nearby access to shorten the distance from the service; Then, it supports multi operator access, and relies on highly available network resources to achieve fast access to different locations of multiple operators.

At the same time, it also needs to be equipped with a backup network line. If any node has a problem, it can switch in seconds. At the same time, multiple resource pools of the entire CDN platform should be used to ensure high-quality network transmission capability. From streaming acceleration, high-speed channel interconnection, edge computing, local streaming, and fast traffic scheduling, Haoyou Cloud provides a strong network capability. At present, Haoyou Cloud has built more than 150 overseas nodes, covering many key countries and regions in the world.

Advanced technology is the support of high-quality network

In terms of technology, Haoyou Cloud will carry out live transcoding, intelligent processing and video distribution through the live stream pushed by the streaming SDK, and then distribute it to the terminal through the CDN distribution node to play the SDK, playing high-definition and low latency content for the audience; The live video recording cooperates with the video storage of the cloud on-demand system, and uses the super player to complete the time shift and look back of the live video; At the same time, you can also manage live broadcast activities in the customer system through the API interface, and query relevant statistical data. The optimized UDP protocol is used to reduce the live broadcast delay to the millisecond level, while taking into account the core indicators such as the second on rate and the stuck rate to optimize the live broadcast experience.

Security and reliability are also a major advantage of Haoyou Cloud. It uses standard protocols and is easy to connect. It can be played in Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers without any plug-ins. The playback protocol is encrypted by default, which is more secure and reliable.

It is worth mentioning that the super large scale 12000+distributed transcoding cluster of Haoyou Cloud can provide transcoding services on demand to meet customers' transcoding needs to the maximum extent and avoid resource waste. At the same time, the newly upgraded cloud transcoding scheme has solved the high cost of self building and managing transcoding software and hardware services, as well as the complex problem of adjusting and adapting transcoding parameters. In short, the transcoding capability is stronger and more flexible, which is very useful for short-term high concurrency scenarios.

Finally, the full function support work such as streaming, transcoding, recording, screenshots, yellow identification, and playback can be completed by Haoyou Cloud locally overseas. Overseas viewers can directly pull video stream information, and they can also choose value-added T+level DDoS protection capabilities, adding another "iron wall" to live broadcast security.

At present, in the application scenario, Haoyouyun can provide live broadcast services in many vertical fields, including online education, social entertainment, financial account opening, online loss assessment, online customer service, emergency command, remote alarm, telemedicine, enterprise office, e-sports events, film and television publicity, sports events, science and technology astronomy, etc.

In the future, Haoyou Cloud expects to continue to contribute momentum to enterprise key customers from aspects such as technological innovation and integration of subdivision fields.