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Strict prevention of epidemic situation, orderly resumption of work, and help small and medium-sized enterprises "contactless" go to sea for business development


In the face of the sudden COVID-19 epidemic, the economy and enterprises have been increasingly affected. Entertainment, retail, tourism, education, traditional manufacturing and other industries have been impacted to varying degrees, and enterprises are facing a severe test. In the case of orderly resumption of work, offline economic activities are affected by the different degrees of recovery of upstream and downstream supply chains, and it is difficult to recover to normal levels in the short term.

In times of crisis, it is also accompanied by vitality, Online education, online shopping and other online alternatives to traditional offline fields, the new Internet economy continues to heat up, and the channels for multi-dimensional development of enterprises become rich. For this reason, many enterprises started the remote resumption mode and began to carry out online transformation plans. In the face of the test, how to adopt a self rescue plan of the smallest unit, "Going to sea" means greater opportunities and development as well as a more secure market layout, which naturally becomes a good choice for domestic enterprises. Recently, other countries have taken entry and exit control measures to prevent and control the epidemic, which has limited the pace of enterprises going to sea.

At this time, the strategy of sea going layout is particularly important, not only reflected in the construction of local teams and local resources, but also in seeking a breakthrough in the overall solution. During the emergency period, the developed Internet and online services largely offset the work limitations caused by the epidemic. As a provider focusing on global high-quality Internet resources and network security services, Haoyouyun launched a series of services to help enterprises willing to go to sea successfully survive the epidemic and help them go to sea "No contact" support initiatives:

"Contactless" sea going assistance

Haoyou Cloud provides 7 * 24 hours of free global consulting services to all enterprises, To provide sea going services in key global markets with Hong Kong as the center, covering Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and North America, customers only need to submit their needs online at home, and local service personnel of Haoyou Cloud in Western America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and other regions can quickly implement business deployment.

At the same time, it provides relevant self-developed product support for network security issues, with a maximum defense capability of 800G; For different fields such as games, finance, and live video, it can provide mature one-stop industrial outbound solutions; For enterprise scenarios such as branch interconnection, cloud deployment, application acceleration, and mobile office, it provides a highly reliable platform capability, multi tenant decentralized and multi domain operation mode, and a complete SD-WAN solution to meet the needs of cross domain complex networking customers. Relying on the rich experience and strong supply chain support of Youyun in scheme customization, equipment selection, logistics customs clearance, site launch, business opening, optimized commissioning, post maintenance, etc., customers only need to confirm the scheme according to business needs, that is, to open the "contactless" business model.

Preferential policies for domestic enterprises going to sea

All domestic enterprises willing to go to sea can enjoy 1000 yuan of electronic vouchers, and Haoyou Cloud overseas IDC resources are sufficient, so it can give a discount of as low as 8.5% to overseas enterprises when most international businesses are implemented There are also surprise gifts to support the orderly resumption of the enterprise to the maximum extent. The high-speed, high-quality and stable network "contactless" service of Haoyou Cloud can help enterprises to build cross regional connections in different countries, regions and data centers at a minute level when they work from home. The 100+POP point allows enterprises to access at the fastest speed anywhere and expand their business to the world. In particular, the interconnection network architecture and bandwidth redundancy in the Asia Pacific region support customers to "open at one point, directly to the Asia Pacific".

Escort enterprises on their journey to sea

Haoyou Cloud has always focused on providing customers with one-stop local services for rapid deployment of overseas business, At present, it operates 20+Tier3 data centers around the world, maintains close cooperation with 70+operators, public cloud and IX around the world, meets the diversified needs of customers, and realizes 7 * 24 * 365 global local technical support and operation and maintenance services in key markets around the world. At present, Haoyou Cloud has helped more than 500 customers in different industries go overseas.

In the future, Haoyou Cloud will continue to improve its global local service capabilities, build a global interconnected infrastructure network, build the smoothest and fastest offshore experience scenario for domestic enterprises, and focus on building solutions for various industries. At the same time, Haoyou Cloud is open to new partners to help domestic enterprises connect to the global market.

When opportunities and challenges coexist, how to usher in a better spring after turning crisis into opportunity is our common thinking. Haoyou Cloud has opened the "highway" between China and the world, and promises to maintain 24-hour online "contactless" services. It is willing to help more domestic enterprises resume work in an orderly manner, help deploy strategic plans for going to sea, and achieve global business expansion.

Change is normal. Only by adapting to the future and making timely strategic adjustments can we seize the market opportunity.

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