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[Server rental/hosting] About 24-hour delivery


"24-hour delivery" means that the user submits an order for renting a designated server on our official website, and the whole process from paying the relevant bills to the user's server being launched and delivered for use does not exceed 24 hours, so that the server can really wait for availability!

The whole process time, including order review, payment arrival confirmation, business opening work order assignment, resource allocation, equipment installation and commissioning, and opening delivery, shall not exceed 24 hours.

1. Products marked with the logo of "4 hours delivery" on our website;

2. "4-hour delivery" products currently only support 5 * 8 working hours;

3. The server rental product customized by the user does not support 4-hour delivery temporarily, such as adding server memory, adding server hard disk, setting customized disk array, etc
The "24-hour delivery" flag will disappear automatically during custom configuration;

4. The operating systems currently supported by "24 hour delivery":
Windows 2003 32bit/64bit
Windows 2008 32bit/64bit (user activation required)
CentOS 5.8/6.0/6.3 32bit/64bit

5. The partition specifications will be predefined for the installation of the "24-hour delivery" server operating system. The specific partition specifications are as follows:
Windows 2003/2008 series default C disk 50G (1T hard disk default C disk 100G), the rest of the space users can partition;
The default SWAP partition of CentOS series is twice the memory, the Boot partition is 100M, and the root partition (/) is all the rest of the space.

6. "24-hour delivery" is the delivery time of each machine in each order, and the calculation formula is "24+(n-1) x2";

7. The delivery time will be displayed when the "24-hour delivery" product is added to the shopping cart. If the "24-hour delivery" product generates an order with the "non 4-hour delivery" product, the order does not support 4-hour delivery;

8. After the "24-hour delivery" product payment is completed, the countdown delivery schedule will be displayed in the "My Order" list. If not, it means that the order does not support 4-hour delivery;

9. If the product supports 4-hour delivery but the order does not support 4-hour delivery, the 4-hour delivery inventory is 0 or non working time;