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Details of free CDN acceleration service provider Incapsula registration and site addition

Whether our website needs to improve access speed or wants to be protected from attacks, we can use third-party CDN acceleration services to help solve certain problems. Most domestic CDN service providers need BA to apply for membership. Even the free CDN service providers are other nodes in the United States or overseas, and the speed is too good. Lao Zuo has shared it before“ Share 5 domestic free CDN service providers and use comments And Four foreign free CDN services improve website speed ". Cloudflare is mostly used abroad, and what Lao Zuo wants to share in detail today Incapsula Singapore service providers provide Japanese CDN nodes, and at least they use more users.

First, Incapsula applies for a free account

Incapsula official website address:

 Incapsula registered account

After logging in to the Incapsula home page, you can see the "Pricing&Sign Up" button link in the upper right corner. You can see all kinds of payments and free accounts that most of our users can only afford.

 Incapsula selects free account

Here Laozuo shares with a free account. If you need a paid service, you can try to choose a different corresponding scheme.

 Register incapsula account

After filling in the information and registering, you can activate the email and proceed to the next step to add the site normally.

Second, add domain names to the Incapsula free account


Enter the domain name to add a site.


We need to modify the A record of the domain name panel and the corresponding CNAME record. PS: We can use third-party DNS together or directly use the official resolution of the domain name. Lao Zuo is more accustomed to using third-party DNS, so we can use third-party DNS together.


One problem needs attention here. By default, it is detected that the IP address given to us may be an American IP node. For example, the default IP address given to me is If we need to use a Japanese node, we can manually change the IP address of record A to any record from to as record A. In this way, the result we see is a Japanese node with a PING value within 200.


If we need to change the IP resolution, we can only change our host/VPS IP address in the Incapsula image panel.

So far, we have registered an account in incapsula, and simply added and shared the domain name application. If you need to use this Free CDN The service can be tried.

Domain name host preferential information push QQ group: six hundred and twenty-seven million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand four hundred and seventy-seven Get preferential promotion from merchants.
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