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Free 6-month Tencent Cloud CDN service application and experience registration and setting process

Today, the business competition of Internet companies on virtual machines is still fierce. Both domestic and foreign companies hope to attract more user groups through product line expansion, server configuration upgrade, price reduction and promotion. Since the end of last year, Lao Zuo has also observed that the competition between Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud has gradually begun among domestic virtual machine service providers. From the low price of Tencent Cloud CVM products to half price, 30% discount on databases, and the free experience activities of various products, many users still like this benefit.

For our users, we need not only cost-effective, but also high-quality services and appropriate products. Lao Zuo has seen Tencent Cloud provide "free experience hall" activities these days. We can experience cloud server CVM, content distribution network CDN, object storage service COS, cloud database MySQL and other products for free for a certain period. Lao Zuo plans to follow up the free experience activities provided for these products. While experiencing the product performance one by one, he can also write some tutorials to play with these products (free trial is OK, what if there is a need?).

Today, Lao Zuo is ready to experience the free 6-month content distribution network CDN application and configuration provided by Tencent Cloud. At present, the CDN service has 50G free traffic every month Free CDN The number of service providers should be the largest. Of course, this activity is limited to all users who have not subscribed to the CDN service before.

First, activity application address

 Activity application address

Free experience hall:

Here we can see the free experience activities of all virtual machines, databases and other products currently provided. For the CVM ECS that users like, it would be better if it could be provided for a longer period of time for free. At present, the 15 day period is slightly shorter.

Second, choose free CDN services

 Choose a free CDN service

If we meet the application requirements, click "Free Experience" directly to apply. If our personal account does not have real name authentication or complete information, we need to solve the problem by ourselves.

Third, Tencent CDN acceleration service deployment process

1. Access domain name

 Tencent CDN acceleration service deployment process

Before using the service, we need to access and add the domain name.

2. Domain name configuration

 Free 6-month Tencent Cloud CDN Service Application and Experience Registration and Setting Process - Page 4

Enter the domain name, origin type, and server IP address to be accessed according to the requirements. The domain name you access must be BA qualified.

3. Acceleration service configuration

 Acceleration service configuration

Here we can set the business type and cache expiration file configuration. Generally, websites can choose static acceleration. In cache expiration configuration, it is generally set that. html files are refreshed once every 5 hours,. js/. css/. ico files are refreshed once every 15 days, and. jpg/. png files are refreshed once every 7 days. We can set the update frequency according to our website.

4. Modify domain name CNAME configuration

After adding the domain name, we need to wait a few seconds to give the address for configuring CNAME, and then we need to go to the domain name DNS management platform (if third-party DNS is available, we need to add alias resolution)

 Modify domain name CNAME configuration

For example, the test domain name used by Lao Zuo here is DNSPOD, and two CNAME alias resolutions are directly added.

 Free 6-month Tencent Cloud CDN Service Application and Experience Registration and Setting Process - Page 7

After setting, wait for it to take effect. It usually takes about 5 minutes to take effect.

Third Tencent Cloud CDN Site Auxiliary Settings

Here we are accessing Tencent Cloud CDN After that, we can use its services according to the default settings, and we can also modify the configuration according to actual needs.

1. Add hot standby source station

 Secondary settings of Tencent Cloud CDN site

You can add hot standby source stations as needed (such as the synchronous backup server we set).

2. Filter parameters, IP white list, etc

 Filter parameters, IP white list, etc

Filter parameters, anti leech, IP white list, etc. can be set as required. Among them, the IP dark horse single and the IP defense line frequency limit configuration are more used. The former can directly filter restricted IP access, while the latter restricts the access frequency limit of a single IP to prevent some CC attacks, but it needs to be modified carefully.

3. Bandwidth capping settings

 Bandwidth capping settings

We can set the service to shut down after the traffic exceeds a certain value in the cycle. This is better. It can ensure that our account is overused, at least not to cause the problem of arrears.

4. Configure HTTPS

 Configure HTTPS

If our website enables SSL certificates and Tencent Cloud CDN is also used, you need to configure HTTPS in the CDN service. Otherwise, our site configuration SSL will not take effect.

The above Laozuo simply experienced the Tencent Cloud CDN service. The process of adding settings is relatively simple, except that the domain name access can only be the domain name that has been BA, and it is recommended to set a threshold value so that the traffic control does not exceed the standard.

Fourth, Tencent Cloud CDN Service Features

Compared with similar products, Tencent Cloud CDN can provide free services for 6 months. Users who are ready to use it can try it for free, and then decide whether to continue using it later. At the end of the article, Lao Zuo combed the product features introduced by the official.

1. Node

All provinces in China deploy 500+acceleration nodes, covering China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and a dozen small and medium-sized operators. There are also 50+acceleration nodes overseas, covering 30+countries and regions in the world.

 Free 6-month Tencent Cloud CDN Service Application and Experience Registration and Setting Process - Page 12

2. Monitoring

In the background, we can use monitoring points all over the country to access monitoring files at a fixed frequency to monitor and analyze the CDN access status of all regions and operators across the country. At the same time, there are real-time monitoring visualization maps of the whole network.

3. Support HTTPS and simple protection

Tencent Cloud CDN is a rare service supporting HTTPS If our website uses HTTPS transmission, HTTPS encryption can be set in Tencent Cloud CDN. At the same time, it also provides simple DDos defense traffic. Of course, if the requirements are too high, you need to pay for other security services provided by Tencent Cloud.

Fifth, Tencent Cloud CDN Application Summary

1. The above is Lao Zuo's simple experience of the free 6-month CDN service application and simple deployment process provided by Tencent Cloud. The application and deployment are relatively simple.

2. Users with CDN service needs can apply for experience, and decide whether to continue using after six months of experience. After all, 50GB of traffic per month is more than enough for individual users. And the performance will be higher than the free CDN of small factories. If there are users who have used Tencent Cloud CDN service, they can give feedback and comments to Lao Zuo and other users for reference.

3. After we add a site, the current billing method is broadband by default. If we need to use free traffic, we should switch to pay by traffic so that we can use free traffic statistics.

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