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Recommended by 7 domestic and foreign domain name registration service providers commonly used by Lao Zuo (advantages, disadvantages and selection suggestions)

Where will the domain name be chosen when we build a website? inside and outside Domain name service provider There are many companies, many of which are ICANN certified (maybe not true, I think there are many). But in fact, there are only a few of which are used by our domestic users. Maybe for those who play domain names professionally or invest in domain names, they may contact more companies. Why? Because some domain name suffixes can only be found in certain businesses.

 Recommended by 7 domestic and foreign domain name registration service providers commonly used by Lao Zuo (advantages, disadvantages and selection suggestions)

A few days ago, a netizen left a message to Lao Zuo, asking me where I usually choose my own domain name. So I told him some of the businesses I often use. I was free this afternoon, so I was ready to sort out the regular Domain name registrar If we are also preparing to choose a domain name, we can see some suggestions.

In the following domestic and foreign countries Domain name service provider In the middle, Lao Zuo didn't rank them because each has different characteristics. I was going to sort out the so-called ten domain name registrars. There were ten or twenty registrars, or even more, but I didn't think it was necessary, so I prepared the following seven. Some of our friends may still use or have Domain name resolution service provider They are used.

First, Namesilo - service providers without routines

 Namesilo - Service provider without routine

Namesilo domain name service providers belong to overseas businesses. They were launched in 2014. They seem relatively young, so they have been developing in a low profile, and there are no so-called routines. Generally, domain name registrars we know are cheap in the first year or in the first year, but the price is very high when renewing. Later, we also mentioned which service providers they are.

NameSilo domain name registrar

Note: New people can use discount code for their first order savingone One dollar discount on orders.

The feeling of the Namesilo merchant to Lao Zuo is that the price of new registration and renewal is relatively solid. Of course, there are few new registration activities. There is no activity for renewal. The price is about 55-60 yuan. In the early years, when the privacy protection of the domain name of the merchant was not popular and free, the privacy protection of the domain name of the Namesilo merchant was always free. Domain name registrars support regular payment methods such as Alipay. In short, there is no difficulty. At present, they have been trying to change the main site, but they have not improved it. I wonder if it is because foreigners are always inefficient.

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Second, GoDaddy - still the number one position in the industry

 GoDaddy - still the number one position in the industry

The GoDaddy domain name registrar estimated that novice webmaster friends did not know much about him. In the early years when foreign trade websites were rampant and domain name registrars stole users, GoDaddy took advantage of its inherent position and advantages, including no lower price to attract users. If we are an old webmaster, we should know that the merchants provide domain names that pay 0.99 dollars per year Godaddy Coupon Code exist everywhere.

GoDaddy domain name registrar

A few years ago (the old man forgot a little), the management changed, and then few promotional activities were launched, even on Black Friday every year. However, it still cannot shake the leading position of the business, and it is still the business with the largest domain name retention rate and registration volume. After all, people's reputation and size are there, and most people don't care about the price of domain names.

For the domain names of Godaddy merchants, we can see that there are also simplified Chinese languages. The newly registered domain names are about 55 yuan, but the renewal fees are still relatively expensive, which may cost about 90 yuan. Generally, Laozuo suggested that new registration could be selected, but if the renewal fee was too expensive, it would be transferred to another service provider.

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Third, Namecheap - a firm and responsible businessman

 Namecheap - a firm and responsible businessman

Namecheap merchants are sure to see published activities frequently in Laozuo's notes. Namecheap was an agent of ENOM in the early years. I didn't check whether it was an independent domain name authorized registrar at present. In a word, this business gives me the impression that there are many activities, and there will be many public welfare activities. In particular, there are various activities of new registration and transfer of domain names every year.

NameCheap domain name registrar

My personal favorite of Namecheap merchants is that if there is a problem with the domain name or account, it can be perfectly solved by contacting the online customer service. However, their businesses also have shortcomings. For example, new registrations do have activities, but it seems that the renewal price is relatively high. Domain name privacy protection is only free in the last two years. Generally, Laozuo's domain name at their home will be renewed if he is really lazy to transfer it. If he has time, I will transfer it to other businesses for renewal.

Fourth, Dynadot - a domain name merchant platform that works secretly

 Dynadot - a domain name merchant platform working secretly

Laozuo, a Dynadot domain name registrar, rarely registered domain names in his home before, including at present. Of course, recently, domain names are rarely registered. The reason why we pay attention to Dynadot merchants is that Lao Tang told me that expired domain names, such as old domain names, short character domain names, and data domain names, can be preemptively registered on them, and the success rate is high.

Dynadot domain name registrar

Dynadot merchants still have many activities to register new domain names. For example, Lao Zuo has shared them before COM domain name is about $6.99, but the renewal seems to be the original price. Dynadot domain name registrar has a long history, but it has not always been popular. I don't understand why foreigners like this.

Fifth, - CN domain name I like to choose is our so-called 22 service providers. This service provider has been in China for quite a long time. Previously, many domain names were registered at their home, especially CN domain name is relatively cheap at about 15-18 yuan, and the service used to be super good. If your domain name did not renew when it expired, they would contact us in advance with customer service, but now it seems that there is no customer service.

The domain name registrar of currently provides servers for domain name registration and transaction, including some virtual machines and other cloud products. I remember that in the early years they had independent IP virtual hosts, but later it seemed that this business was canceled The CN domain name Lao Zuo will choose them first.

Sixth, Alibaba Tencent service provider - small businesses have no way to go

Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud have seriously disrupted the domestic cloud computing market in recent years. Many of our individuals or corporate teams cannot survive. Do you hate them as merchants. But it's also a good thing for our users. Previously, when we chose a domestic domain name registrar, it would be difficult for us to transfer the domain name and transfer out the account. I still remember the original Xinnet, Xinnet Internet, etc., and some individual businesses, whose domain names were transferred out, didn't allow you to transfer them, or renewed the fees to mail information.

Alibaba Cloud and Tencent cloud merchants provide a complete range of cloud products, including domain names. However, real name authentication is required after the registration of domestic domain names. If you think it's OK, it's certainly OK. If you are worried about something, you should choose foreign businesses. But if your website chooses a domestic server, you must have the domain name in their service provider and backup access.

Seventh, other domain name registrars - the one in mind

I haven't sorted out the last service provider, leaving you some daydreams. Some of us like to work at service provider A and some of us work at service provider B. These are all OK. Don't be swayed by others. If we always use it well, we should use it. If you think it is not good, you should not renew it and transfer it to other businesses.

In a word, when we choose a domain name service provider, we must be certified by ICANN, and the price must be reasonable. We can't make a big deal, and the resolution stability is good. Some domain name vendors provide domain name resolution services. These vendors are also good. Of course, we can use other independent resolution services ourselves.

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