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In front of“ Four foreign free CDN services improve website speed "The article shares four domestic CDN service providers, which may be used by our English or foreign trade websites. But for our Chinese websites, of course, we want to use domestic nodes or nodes around Asia, such as Singapore or Japan. In recent years, there have been quite a lot of webmaster service tools in China. It seems that the big portal bosses are also scrambling for webmaster user resources. If the overseas hosts used by our Chinese website think the speed is not very good, or want to install CDN protection, you can see the following Domestic CDN Service provider, is there anything suitable for you?

The first model, Baidu Accelerator


Accelerometer is currently acquired by Baidu, so Baidu has its own CDN products, which can enrich the user base of its webmaster platform tools. At present, there is a difference between free users and paid users, which is sufficient for the general website free scheme. Besides intelligent parsing, acceleration and anti DDOS, it is also associated with Baidu Statistics, Baidu search engine index and spider crawling statistics, which is also his advantage. For other products, we need log analysis to get data.

For websites without "North Bank", you can choose to use Japan or Hong Kong nodes. From the perspective of user use, it seems that the Hong Kong node line is not very good, and it is estimated that it is still improving.

Section 2: Safe Treasure


Safe Treasure is one of the products of Innovation Works. Lao Zuo has always liked it. Especially when CDN services started in China, especially when they had Hong Kong nodes, they were very popular with users. Recently, however, it was found that the Hong Kong node using Anquanbao was very unstable, and even the website opening was not as fast as the direct IP connection. Therefore, several websites were temporarily removed from the Hong Kong node to allow customer service to switch to the US node. The customer service of Anquanbao is very good. It responds to every request and has a great attitude.

Third, 360 Website Guard


360 is the main security product, and will certainly not miss website security. introduction Free CDN For services (other products of the same kind or few payment schemes and projects), if there is a "North Bank" website that can use this service, it only serves as a mainland node, and the website must be "North Bank".

Fourth, Yundun


The product of a company in Shanghai also provides free 10Gbps-200Gbps protection bandwidth protection against DDOS in the package scheme. Lao Zuo didn't use it, just collected it. If you have used it, you can give a comment.

Section 5: Webluker


It mainly provides paid CDN services, but it can also be used by free users, but the website needs "North Bank".

In a word, the most commonly used ones in China are Accelerator, Safe Treasure and 360 Website Guardian. After all, they belong to large companies and have many free permissions. Free is what all personal webmasters like.

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