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Ranking list of commonly used foreign independent servers for renting

Which vendor will you choose to rent a foreign server? If we have overseas business or foreign trade business station building, remote office, software operation and other work, we must choose foreign servers. When choosing foreign servers, we prefer foreign service providers. We may also have compared foreign servers from domestic service providers. Is it not cost-effective? For example, the bandwidth is 1M at the beginning, while foreign service providers can't move 100M or even 1Gbps bandwidth, and there are some 20M or 15M bandwidth.

Relatively speaking, there are some cost performance advantages in choosing foreign service providers when renting foreign servers. In this article, Lao Zuo is going to organize the recommendations of independent server vendors that are suitable for foreign server rental needs. If we need to, we can refer to them.

We are introducing Foreign server merchants Let's first look at the advantages of foreign servers:

1. High cost performance

Do we see many domestic and foreign businesses and product solutions? If the speed problem does not affect our Chinese website, then we must give priority to foreign servers, whether it is virtual hosting VPS、 ECS, independent servers, and foreign service providers are actually cheaper than domestic servers. This is related to their cost and technology maturity, and has certain advantages in competitiveness.

2. Necessary needs for foreign trade

If we do foreign trade website or overseas business, we can't use domestic servers. Otherwise, the speed of foreign customers visiting our business will be reduced. Especially for our foreign trade website business, if we want to expand the overseas market, it is necessary to choose foreign servers.

3. Obvious configuration advantages

We can see that the bandwidth of the machines of domestic service providers, whether domestic or foreign, is 1M, which is not enough for overseas businesses. Especially when we have many pictures and products to show in overseas business, the speed of our website and business determines our conversion efficiency, so we should choose foreign server products with better bandwidth and speed stability.

Given these questions, let's take a look at what foreign independent servers are worth recommending. In fact, we are not a leaderboard, but each has its own advantages. If necessary, we can choose according to their own advantages.

First RAKSmart


Introduction: RAKSmart, a brand founded by Chinese Americans, mainly provides American independent servers in San Jose, including three lines: mainland optimized lines, international BGP lines, and boutique CN2 GIA lines. There is an unlimited G port bandwidth, and there is also an American server scheme with a maximum bandwidth of 10GB. Of course, this merchant also provides a small number of San Jose VPS and Hong Kong VPS services, with the U.S. server business as the main business.

Business official website:

Server features: The merchants provide independent servers, station cluster servers, advanced anti DDoS servers for multiple computer rooms in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Server offer: RAKBL9 , 10% discount code.

Second BudgetVM


Businessman introduction: BudgetVM businesses are also relatively old host companies. Laozuo used their cheap VPS more than ten years ago. Did we often hear of Engroup VPS hosts at that time? Yes, it is their home. Now, after adjustment, merchants are mainly engaged in high-end servers. For servers, there are ordinary servers, large bandwidth servers, advanced anti DDoS servers, and especially large bandwidth servers with up to 100G ports+.

Business official website:

Server features: The merchants provide computer rooms in Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles and Japan. Servers with bandwidth up to 100G, as well as advanced anti DDoS servers.

Server discount: merchants bring their own discount activities, directly marked, without special discount code.

Third Megalayer

 Ranking List of Recommended Foreign Independent Servers for Common Foreign Server Rental - Page 3

Merchant introduction: Megalayer, a new service provider in 2019, is mainly engaged in independent servers, with computer rooms in Hong Kong, China, Los Angeles, Singapore and the Philippines. There are CN2 optimized bandwidth to meet the speed needs of our Chinese users, international BGP to meet European foreign trade business, and omnidirectional bandwidth lines for global business. The independent server defaults to three independent IP addresses, starting with a monthly payment of 499 yuan.

Business official website:

Server features: Megalayer merchant independent servers have three independent IP addresses by default, which can be configured and independent IP addresses can be added as needed.

Server discount: direct promotion on the official website of the server is as low as 499 yuan per month. Other promotions are OK Read here

Fourth BlueHost


Businessman introduction: friends who have used foreign virtual hosts should have heard of BlueHost, which is the right host. The virtual host used to be quite famous, but now what we see is not the original staff, but is acquired by EIG, and the BH Chinese website we see is a company operating independently in our country. At present, the products are also rich in virtual hosts, cloud virtual hosts, independent servers, and station cluster servers.

Official website:

Server features: Independent servers include American computer rooms and Hong Kong computer rooms, and WIN and Linux systems can be selected.

Server discount: 50% discount code: BH

Fifth SugarHosts

 Recommended Foreign Independent Servers - SugarHosts

Business introduction: Sugar Hosts, the candy host business Lao Zuo is familiar with. He used his home virtual host when he started building websites. They have computer rooms in Hong Kong, America and Europe Virtual host At present, it is also one of the few virtual hosting companies. At the same time, businesses also provide independent server services, including multiple computer rooms in the United States, Hong Kong, Europe, etc.

Official website:

Server features: independent servers of merchants include computer rooms in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, the United States, etc. Lines provided by SugarHosts, including HE NET, Nlayer, Cogent, Level 3, Tata Communications, Savvis, China Telecom and China Unicom.

Server discount: merchants do not have additional discount codes, and all activity discounts are automatically offered in the product.

In conclusion, we choose cost-effective overseas independent servers not only because they are cheap, but also because of brand, configuration stability and other factors. It is worth looking at these recommended vendors and schemes for renting foreign servers.

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