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NameCheap discount code - privacy protection free for newly registered domain name discount and renewal discount code

AmeCheap is also one of Laozuo's favorite domain name registrars. Although it started from ENOM agents, it has gone through the expansion and development of the New Year, and now its brand has penetrated into our users' reputation. At least its reputation and image among our ordinary webmasters are very good, although not as good as Godaddy Coupon Code There are many, and Alipay payment is not supported, but we like the stability of its DNS, as well as the variety of promotional information. What are the advantages of registering a domain name in NameCheap?

First, it is cost-effective. NameCheap's monthly discount is not the cheapest when there are no special holiday promotions. However, the cost of privacy protection for the first registered domain name is relatively competitive.

Second, stability. When we use the Godaddy domain name, if we use it as a Chinese website, we must use third-party DNS or purchase paid DNS to resolve it stably. The DNS of the Namecheap domain name is quite stable. We no longer need to use third-party DNS.

Third, free privacy protection. When you buy a domain name, you will get free domain name privacy protection. I personally prefer privacy protection, because if you have more websites, you will still be affected by the "site group". Although it is slightly affected, it is beneficial after all, especially for the security of the domain name.

Fourth, preferential activities. NameCheap will have a fixed discount every month, whether on the host or the domain name, or a small discount every month; And in every big festival, there will be greater transfer and new registration concessions, but also more generous.

 NAMECHEAP official website

NameCheap official website

First, Namecheap domain name discount code

Discount code: VIBENS

Notes: New registration or transfer COM/ORG/NET/BIZ/INFO domain name can be used and newly registered COM domain name only costs 9.61+0.18 dollars, and privacy protection is provided. to change into. COM domain name only costs 8.79+0.18 dollars, and privacy protection is provided. There is no discount for domain name renewal.

Second, Namecheap corporate post office discount code

Discount code: VIBEPE

Namecheap merchants provide enterprise post offices. If we need domain name post offices or enterprise post offices, we can choose them. They are relatively cheap. After discount of discount code, you can get a 50% discount.

Third, Namecheap SSL discount code

Discount code: VIBESSL

Notes: When you purchase a Namecheap SSL certificate, you can enjoy a 30% discount.

Fourth, discount code for renewal

Discount code: COUPONFCNC

The new registration activity of Namecheap domain name is cheap, but the renewal is expensive. We must use this discount code to enjoy the renewal discount. It is suitable for domain names and SSL.

Several issues to be noted:

First, domain name privacy protection is also free, and we can open it when we purchase a domain name.

Second, domain names can be transferred out freely, but they must be transferred out 60 days after the new purchase.

Third, in normal times, if there is a low price registration or transfer in discount, if we transfer out to another registrar for the second time and then want to transfer in when there is a transfer in discount, it is not allowed.

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