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Mormon Cloud - free website CDN acceleration limited time traffic free standby Hong Kong node

In his previous blog posts, Lao Zuo also shared many businesses that provide CDN acceleration services for free websites, such as Yundun, 360 Website Guard, Anquanbao and other service providers we are familiar with. Whether providing free service solutions or upgrade payment services, most businesses need a website BA to use faster domestic nodes. If there is no BA website, either it cannot be used, or it can be directly switched to the U.S. node. It seems that it is vaguely recorded that which business also has a Hong Kong node, and later it will be mainly engaged in enterprise services after being incorporated into Baidu.

Today, Lao Zuo came across Devil's Gate Cloud A company established in 2005 (which also received Makers 100 and Lanxun financing at the end of last year) provides free and paid CDN acceleration services. Of course, what attracts me personally and most primary users must be free packages. It is understood that Hong Kong nodes and domestic and foreign nodes are available. If there is no BA, the website will automatically switch to Hong Kong nodes, so Lao Zuo is ready to experience this business.


1. At present, there is no Hong Kong node for the free version of the experience;

2. According to user feedback, there is no Hong Kong node for the premium version node, only Japan and Canada nodes at present;

3. This article is only tested at the beginning of contact, and cannot ensure the changes made by the merchants. Therefore, when users choose to try or pay for an upgrade, please determine which nodes are available with the merchants.


First, the official website of Mormon Cloud

Official website: The free package has been canceled

 Official website of Mormon Cloud

II. Comparison of specific versions and schemes

As a company, we certainly hope that users can purchase payment schemes and services, but for our users, free and cheap are what we like. Laozuo saw that Mormon Cloud has a free solution, and the traffic is still free for a limited time (generally free users of merchants are limited to monthly traffic). He asked the official to answer that there are still two Hong Kong nodes, and if the website is not BA, it will automatically switch to Hong Kong nodes.

 Comparison of specific versions and schemes

Specific scheme comparison( )For me, I care about the free scheme. If there are many BA user nodes, here I mainly care about the Hong Kong node they provide. Try registering an account.

Third, newly registered magic door cloud and verification

 Mormon Cloud - Free website CDN acceleration limited time traffic free of charge Hong Kong node - Page 3

According to the requirements, register a new account, and then log in to the background to add a site.

Fourth, add websites to use Mormon Cloud service

 Mormon Cloud - Free website CDN acceleration limited time traffic Free standby Hong Kong node - Page 4

Here I try to add a website that has used foreign space, mainly to see whether it is a Hong Kong node and how fast it is. After adding the domain name, we will receive an email reminding that the current domain name does not have a BA, so domestic nodes cannot be used, and foreign nodes will be automatically switched.

Fifth, add origin IP resolution

 Mormon Cloud - Free website CDN acceleration limited time traffic free of charge Hong Kong node - Page 5

Add the source site IP resolution according to the actual IP address of our current site. A site can only have one primary domain name. For example, WWW and WWW without WWW should be added as two domain names and cannot be combined.

Sixth, verify domain name ownership

 Mormon Cloud - Free website CDN acceleration limited time traffic free of charge Hong Kong node - Page 6

Here you need to add a cm TXT record, and then enter the activation code to verify the ownership. Then refresh to see the activated status of the above figure. After activation, you need to perform cname resolution of the corresponding WWW prefix or domain name that is not a www prefix.

Seventh, check the speed of Demon Cloud CDN

After CNAME binds the domain name record, we need to wait for the resolution to take effect, and then experience the actual opening speed, as well as the PING speed test to see the speed comparison with our previous overseas hosts.

 Check the speed of Mormon Cloud CDN

Here, we use chinaz PING tool to test the speed of using Mormon Cloud CDN, and see that it has switched to the Hong Kong node (at present, there is no Hong Kong node in the experience version, and it is said that there is no Hong Kong node in the paid version, depending on the business situation).

VIII. Features of Mormon Cloud CDN

1. Normal acceleration function

Whether it is a domestic node or a Hong Kong node without a BA domain name, it can accelerate the effect to a certain extent. Lao Zuo used the actual test to see that the ping speed and experience opening speed were much higher than those of the previous US hosts. Although Mormon Cloud CDN has not been around for a long time, it has such a service, and users who need it can try it, and the free solution can at least be used.

2. SSL certificate function

 SSL certificate function

Generally, the default free scheme of domestic CDN service providers does not support SSL certificates. Lao Zuo can set HTTPS settings when he sees the background settings of Mormon Cloud, and SSL can also be deployed for free accounts, which is good.

3. Cache and optimization technology

According to the introduction, Mormon Cloud adopts PageRunner page performance optimization, which is their original creation to accelerate html pages that cannot be effectively cached. When PageRunner is enabled, the system will automatically analyze the entire page, cache dynamic objects, identify static resources, and intelligently optimize resources to speed up the entire page.

Of course, you can also set the cache time, pressure surface compression, image intelligent compression, offline protection, security protection, etc. These old lefties will not be wordy, just look at it if necessary, because in this article, I will simply experience the product introduction of this merchant.

Ninth, summary of Demon Cloud CDN

1. Mormon Cloud is a new CDN service provider that currently provides free use and unlimited traffic.

2. It is mainly because the domain name without BA can be switched to the Hong Kong node by default (there is no Hong Kong node at present). This is of great help to users who generally use overseas host sites. After all, there are not many domestic CDN manufacturers with Hong Kong and other Asian nodes.

3. In terms of functions, it has the functions of most CDN vendors, and also supports SSL deployment. Generally, other vendors need paying users to use the SSL function.

4. If we need to try Devil's Gate Cloud, we can try it (official website address: )。

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