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Top 10 US virtual host/website space recommendation

Different webmaster users need different host products. Not all webmasters want to place all websites in the VPS server. Virtual host also has the convenience and advantages of virtual host. Here are 10 representative American virtual host products selected by Laozuo. Users can choose according to their own websites and personal needs. Nowadays, we still use more virtual hosts to build websites. For example, independent foreign trade websites and personal Chinese websites have more uses. Compared with cloud servers, virtual hosts need less operation and maintenance costs. As long as we choose reliable host companies, basically our users need to create content seriously.

Ranking in no order (shared before and after Laozuo contacts) All virtual host products were and are used by Lao Zuo for more than 5 years.

Recommended one: SugarHosts

Data center: Los Angeles, Europe, Hong Kong

Applicable websites: personal blogs, enterprises, foreign trade

Package price: 70% off for the first payment, and the minimum annual payment is 209 yuan (Baby scheme)

Brief introduction: Chinese webmasters are used to calling them cotton candy/candy hosts. They have fast data centers in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, and their interfaces can be in simplified Chinese. They support Alipay payment. Domestic novice webmasters have more choices (no language barrier).

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Recommendation 2: GoDaddy, an old host company

Data center: America, Europe, Singapore

Applicable websites: business and foreign trade, imitation brand, individual, enterprise and Windows host demand sites

Package price: with new Linux and Windows system hosts, at least 1.99/month

Brief introduction: GoDaddy has the largest domain name user group in the world, and so far no business can shake its position. In 2012-2013, it integrated the existing resources, expanded from a single domain name channel to adjust the speed of the virtual host product panel and computer room, and has completed all the transformation, providing a new look for the domain name and host business. It has Windows and Linux virtual host products, supports Alipay payment, and is one of the most used virtual host brands in China.

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Recommendation 3: HawkHost

Data center: Dallas, Seattle, San Jose, Washington, Singapore, Amsterdam

Applicable websites: personal blogs, corporate websites, marginal content websites

Package price: according to the size of the hard disk, the virtual host has four schemes: 3G, 6G, 12G and 24G; Minimum annual payment of 156 yuan

Brief introduction: HawkHost, the so-called HawkHost, is very popular with individual webmasters because it has different solutions. The basic BASIC solution is 3G hard disk, which does not limit the number of sites to be built. After the discount, it only costs about 156 yuan. It supports Alipay payment. It is a personal blog, enterprise site, and many marginal sites because of its loose policies. Generally, the Chinese website still chooses the San Jose data center, which is fast.

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Recommendation 4: SiteGround

Data center: America, Singapore, London, Australia, Netherlands, etc

Applicable websites: foreign trade, blog, enterprise

Package price: $6.99 per month

Brief introduction: The merchant was founded in 2003 and has been recommended by WordPress as the host. It provides virtual host and WP dedicated host, and supports 30 day refund guarantee. Many platforms on foreign trade websites recommend using this host. The only thing to note is that this merchant only supports credit card payment.

Recommendation 5: Hostinger

Data center: America, Europe, Asia (machine room can be selected after purchase)

Applicable websites: foreign trade, blog, enterprise

Package price: 11.99 yuan per month

Brief introduction: Hostinger was founded in 2004. It is a well-known host company. Many of us may know that they used to send free hosts at home. They provided unlimited PHP, MySQL and free American space, but the free host scheme has long since ceased to exist. Today, Hostinger has provided website hosting solutions for more than 29 million users in 178 countries, and its reputation in the industry is mixed. Hostinger's official website divides its host types into many categories, such as free hosts, e-commerce hosts, CMS hosts, and virtual machines. But in general, there are three categories, namely virtual machines, VPS hosts, and virtual machines.

Laozuo's comments: The virtual host products/businesses currently displayed above have been recommended by Laozuo for more than five years, and some will be supplemented later.

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